My first major was meteorology

26 12 2008

Did you guys know that? At my brilliant age of 18, I so didn’t want to go to Texas A&M, I had other plans. So, when I got my acceptance letter, I just picked the first major I saw –meteorology– and went on my merry way with some of my other plans. Well, I ended up getting talked out of my other plans by my very persistent and persuasive parents and chose to go to A&M. Of course, I completely forgot my major was meteorology. It paid off in spades. When I went to register for my first semester of classes, we stood in line by major. If you know me or my mother, you know we are uh…obsessive…when it comes to being early and first in line. We’d heard stories of people getting terrible class schedules so we got there 3 hours early to stand in that long line. Turns out meteorology was not a popular major. There were like 4 people in line and I got my first pick of all classes. The perfect schedule. I should NEVER have an excuse to miss class. At all. Nope. Never.

Maybe I should have stuck with meteorology. I feel as if I’m the local weather man to you guys on my blog this week. Today, we’re above freezing and STAYING that way for another few days at least, with predections of rain. We expect some fairly significant urban flooding from the snow melt, but people are praying for that rain.




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