Day 14, it’s kind of getting ridiculous!

27 12 2008

Well, it’s not melting so much. It just keeps STUPID snowing! Last night we walked to a great little mediterranean restaurant called Olive You for dinner in the slushy slipperiness. It was actually fun, but it is so hard to believe how much snow is still on the ground in our neighborhood two weeks after our first snow. Thankfully, the major roads and highways are mostly clear.


still so much snow - day 14 of seattle's wacky winter


our cold yard - think the hydrangeas will survive?


me and the bearded man - he says he'll shave after the snow melts




3 responses

27 12 2008

awww…..thats a cute picture. cant wait to see you two in person.
scott, maybe if you shave the snow will melt….not the other way around.

27 12 2008

O I love the no shaving until the snow melts. Good one Scott.

1 01 2009
Aunt Sue

I’m so happy that I got to see you & Scott (beard and all) before I had to return to CO! There are several mountain areas here that have had so much snow (Crested Butte, for one) that folks are having to tunnel out of their homes & shovel the roofs to keep them from collapsing. I agree with Mel about the cute picture of you two.

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