Tired of the Wishbone? How about Whistler!

27 01 2009

So, I took a hiatus. I needed a vacation from my “vacation.” And all that really meant was I’ve been really, really slammed at work. Oh, and traveling to British Columbia on our friends’ annual trip to Whistler. We were missing a few and gained a few this year, but as usual, it was a really fun time of good skiing and company.

There was not a cloud in the sky on Friday, you could see so far from the tops of the mountains.

Looking from Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler Mountain

You can see that it was kind of bare up there. It was pretty icy, but some parts of the mountains had excellent snow. Here we’re all trying to get our legs ready for a full day of being on the mountain.


Marisa, Scott, Myron, and Andy getting ready for our first run


The snowboarder and planner of the trip - thanks Myron!

Most of you know that some of the best part of skiing is après ski! We made Merlin’s at the base of Blackcomb our end of day meeting spot for some cocktails and snacks to talk through the runs of the day, talk about how old we are getting, and tell funny stories (or create new funny stories).


Liz, Steph, and Kim


Myron seemed dumbfounded by the enormous nacho plate


Scott & Steven


Marisa & Andy

Because of the lack of new snow, the snow blowers were running 24×7 on both mountains. The last day we had fun skiing through them watching the spray off one another’s head. Scott’s beard (yes, the snow has melted in Seattle in case you were wondering what is going on with that) was frozen solid.


Frozen mountain man


Happy Scott & Kim


Looking back over Alta Lake and Whistler Village

Thanks to Myron for planning again! Next year, is Vancouver 2010, we will NOT be making our way up the hill during the insanity. Banff or Big Mountain, here we come!




6 responses

27 01 2009

Next year the Olympics! Yeah. Are the ski events going to be on Whistler mountain?

Looks like you guys had a great time. Glad no one came down on a stretcher this time!

27 01 2009

There will be ski events in Whistler and on the road all the way up there, but any ice skating, curling, hockey, etc events will be in Vancouver. It will be really fun, but oh, so crowded. I’d rather watch on my tv in front of the fire, I think. 🙂

27 01 2009

O what a wonderful life you have. Loved the pictures and so happy that you are off blog break. I do understand but still glad it’s over and your back to blog work. This is from Pam, I’m on Jessica’s compute babysitting ryan. He’s sleeping, I’m blog looking.

27 01 2009

LOVE the pics. I can smell the crisp mountain air!!!
Bad news….our council meeting was moved to Kansas City. BORING! So, won’t be making it West. 😦

27 01 2009
Aunt Sue

Beautiful, gorgeous scenery, Kim! Loved seeing the pics (almost made me want to return to Vail!!) So….the bearded man decided to keep the beard even though the snow has melted??? (at least he looks GOOD!)

2 02 2009

Once again, here I am living vicariously! How fun! I’ll believe it when I see it that you guys actually sit out an opportunity for adventure just up the road from you and choose to watch all the Olympic fun on TV… yeah right! You guys are always into something interesting for the rest of us to enjoy through you…

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