Oh, LPOD! Why Didn’t You Call?

20 02 2009

Good grief. Orcas have been spotted about 3-4 miles from our house this afternoon. King 5 has some video of them trouncing around taking in the sunshine in the sound today. That kind of excitement calls for a stoppage of work and a speed rush to the beach. But they didn’t call to warn me. I had to read about it on the news. Sigh.

So, maybe it wasn’t really L-pod, but it was some happy pack of Orcas. Even new babies in tote. Guess who’s spending the remainder of this beautiful, sunny weekend at the beach?

lime kiln state park - july 2007

lime kiln state park - july 2007

Not a Sour Girl

10 02 2009

excuse my horrible camera work. i’m learning. give me a break.