Camp L-pod 2009: Days 1&2

2 03 2009

How lucky are the Lpods? We got almost the entire Kim side of the family up to Seattle for a long weekend! We were only missing a couple of boys. What a great weekend though!

It started out with the girls cooking dinner while the boys went to pick up Melissa at the airport on Thursday night. Abby quickly realized she could open our back door and decided she wanted to go “Abby Side” which is code for “Abby go outside?” She wandered through this new strange house and found a pair of shoes that seemed fit for the job to get her “side.” This caused a serious case of the giggles for Mimi and Kim while Shar caught all the pictures. This one was taken just before she pitched forward.


growing up too fast

After the giggle fit, we decided to start making some dinner. Sharla and Abby were so helpful.


kitchen helpers

While I was working at the counter prepping for dinner, I caught my helper stealing some icing from the cake plate. She is a serious sneak. She is very quiet and smooth. She can go unsuspected for several minutes with her sly moves.

sly icing thief

We had an excellent dinner and some good conversation. Then it was time to test the capability of our house, can it hold 6 adults and a two-year old? I think we managed. The next morning was full of the girls playing on Melissa’s “bed” or blow up mattress on the living room floor.


early morning hijinks with the girls

We got up early enough to make a day trip out to Bainbridge Island! First we had to wander through downtown. Doesn’t this clan look so cool? I love them.


most of my favorite people in my favorite place!

Of course, we had to stop for Starbucks. Right next to Starbucks was this guy. Not sure the little one is a fan. What do you think?


poor girl

Can you believe it? This is February folks, we live in a terrible place. So rainy all the time. Hi. That’s Mt. Rainier. 🙂

perfect seattle shot

I couldn’t pick even two pictures. It was an utterly spectacular day! What an amazing view from the ferry boat!


Someone even got out her binoculars to take in that beautiful mountain.

scenery lover in the making

I just loved this picture that Scott took. She’s so little and so big all at the same time. 


big boat, little girl

After a delicious lunch at Cafe Nola, we wandered for some ice cream and window shopping. Abby was very intrigued by this lady and even asked to be picked up by her. Someone doesn’t know a stranger.



We pushed our limits as a family. We figured the little one could take it. To say the least, it was a challenge to get her into the carrying backpack. Poor Scott.


how many people does it take to contain a 2 year old?

The little escape artist has a set of lungs on her. Maybe he is trained to deal with a woman screaming unhappily in his ear?


my husband rules.

Happy Joe, chillin on the ferry boat in his very pacific northwest fleece with his coffee drink. I think he and Mimi should move here.


joe cool

Yeah. Can you believe it? This is where we live. I feel so lucky.


stunning seattle

to be continued…




4 responses

2 03 2009

What family fun! Really this will be a memorable time. NO they can’t move there, sorry. But visits are always a done deal. Abby looks like she loved the trip. Looking forward to the next set of pictures.

3 03 2009

Oh, kim!!!! Such a fun trip. I didn’t realize the whole family was heading up there!!! Such a good family trip to take. Your pics are makign me miss Seattle. Love you guys, and LOVE all the pics you posted.

3 03 2009

Sure is pretty up there… I could live there… I do miss everyone.

Kim and Scott are GREAT COOKS… !!!

Kim do you have a picture of our fish dinner. It was beautiful.

5 03 2009

will you email me the “stunning seattle” pic? its too pretty.

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