Camp L-Pod 2009: Days 3&4

3 03 2009

Day 3 was another early morning. Abby & PopPop decided to hang out on Mel’s bed and watch Elmo.


abby jabber

After breakfast, we took a trip out to the Ballard Locks to watch the boats pass through to the Sound and check out the fish ladder. Not many fish passing through this time of year, but it was still fun!


crossing one of the locks bridges

We then played in some of the gardens where Abby met some new friends. Like I said yesterday, she doesn’t know a stranger.


slowly approaching

An attempt at a sisters pic. My eyes were closed, it was bright!


there are five girls in this picture!

We also learned a lot about the different types of salmon and their cycle through the oceans and rivers.


is pop pop recruiting a fisherwoman?

Two of the big cedars at the entrance to the locks. She was copying Scott after he went up to feel the branches. She loved the smell.


is it Christmas?

We had a long couple of days. Sometime after dinner we all played in the kitchen for a little longer.


tired girl

 Day 4 was mostly consumed by packing and breakfast eating. We managed to get some family pictures in!


attempt 1




 I’m so glad everyone made the trip.


two of my favorite people

What a fun weekend, thank you all for making the journey! Next stop San Antonio! We miss you and love you!




8 responses

3 03 2009

The Seattle weather was almost perfect. It was great sleeping weather in the basement bedroom… Especially on the comfy new bed.

Abby and PopPop found out if one person jumps on the air mattress the other one goes flying. It was always a source for lots of laughs.

We did see one little fish in the fish ladders… a Steelhead I think. It was just hovering and trying to decide if it was safe to head out to the ocean. There was probably some big fish waiting on the ocean side… or birds.

The Texas folks got an education in Seattle. We also ate lots of fresh fish… no Steelhead… 🙂

3 03 2009

Love, love, loved our time in Seattle! Kim & Scott are the best inn-keepers ever! We’ll definitely book a room there again when we go to Seattle. Love you!!! Thanks for a great weekend!

4 03 2009
courtney g

How fun Kim! What an awesome trip…I LOVE the pics! And love every member of your family! Oh by the way, if you happen to run into Jason and Molly, will you slap him for us!!??! Ha ha!

5 03 2009

Ditto on what Courtney said! We should hunt them down next time we’re in Seattle.

5 03 2009

LOL! We can hunt them down. She must live here by now, right? He lives in Kirkland (NOT the house you guys all saw on tv). We could go hang out at the cheesey restaurants/bars and search for them. They’ll be there for sure 🙂

5 03 2009

MAN!!! we should have been looking for jason!!!! what a weirdo. kim, if you see him, you HAVE to be weird stalker lady with your iphone camera….ok? he deserves it, right??

Seattle….what a fun time. thanks again scott & kim. you two are ok people….i’ll keep you. cant wait to come back again someday….with kid next time. whoa! 🙂
p.s. thanks for all the new food ideas. i made a salad the other day and added red cabbage and garbanzo beans. mmm. AND i bought us some quinoa….MMM.

6 03 2009

I finally got to see all of the pictures. my bb doesn’t open all of them for me sometimes. blah blah

So, I LOVE that your family went up there. I LOVE LOVE the family picture on your front porch.

15 03 2009

Ahhh family. That is the best! What a fun trip to have you all together.

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