Winter, you have five days…

15 03 2009

This time of year is always rough for me. We get these AWESOME teaser days where it is 60, sunny, fabulous. Then we flip flop back to winter. I’m not one to complain much about the weather in Seattle, I prefer the four distinct seasons, I love the rain, and the summers — oh, the summers — have possibly won me over to be a long time Washingtonian.

Last weekend we went on a walk around Greenlake and took in what was shaping up to be a perfect early spring day. I got some spring garden inspiration as I’m embarking on a new flower bed this summer!


greenlake rock bed with perrenials, annuals and ferns


crocuses and primroses


daffodils beginning to show their faces

Then, less than 24 hours later, on my way out to the burbs this happens.


520 just east of lake washington. yes, i am a danger to society.

What’s with this? Come on winter, give it up! I think we’ve had a total of 20 or so snow days in Seattle this year.


everyone is leaving work, yet i'm going in. hmmmm.

I officially have Spring Fever!




2 responses

15 03 2009

At least you can say it is not boring… it all looks great to me. How much was that house on Bainbridge Island?

16 03 2009

I’d love to have that weather!!!! It all looks soooo pretty!

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