So Many Ladies, So Little Time

9 04 2009

Haha. My post title makes me giggle and hum the tune to “I’m just a gigolo by David Lee Roth…” terrible, I know. On to the real business of this post…

I am so lucky! I got to go down to San Antonio for a weekend to celebrate all the new little (not really little at all) lives. I met some new ones and got to love on some older ones and rubbed the little warm houses of the up and coming ones. So many babies in San Antonio! Better be careful of drinking that water.

I was excited to see such a difference in Mel & Shar.


Mel & Shar - December 2008

They are certainly more beautiful! I love my sisters.

Mel & Shar - April 2009

There were so many people to visit. As you can imagine Abby was toward the top of that list. She is so fun and full of enormous amounts of energy. The first night we all went swimming where Abby showed us her dunking skills. Then we hung out on the dining room floor watching everyone else cook dinner.


Abby visiting with "AnKim" on the dining room floor. It felt like I was hanging out with the girls!

I think she has officially named her two maternal aunts. Throughout the weekend she would go around the room: “Hi Mimi” *pause* “Hi Pop pop” *pause* “Hi Nilfa” *pause* “Hi AnKim” *pause* “Hi Momma” *pause* “Hi Dadda.”


aunt nilfa joined us on the floor for girl time

I think I said “Hi Abby” at least 100 times this weekend. It doesn’t get old to this AnKim.


even momma came to join us for girl time. uhoh, who's cooking dinner again?

I love spending time with my parents when I go home. I got a little tiny slice of quiet time with them before running around town for the day. That back deck is incredible. I could stay out there all the time.


the queen bee and me

We even got to keep Abby on Saturday night while her parents enjoyed an adult night in Austin. She was a lot of fun that night. We got some good laughs while Mimi played “crash.”


one who thinks she's the queen bee

 I even got to hang out with a few of my girlfriends. It’s always so great to see the people who’ve known you the longest. I love my girls!


bad photography - blurry pic of casey & jess

Brooke shared with us the challenges of having two little ones at home. Selfishly, I loved it. It meant I got to meet the beautiful diva named Carlyle!


wonder whose eyes carlyle got?

Allison made the big drive all the way to town to have a quick dinner too. It was so fun to have a little girlie time.


carlyle and al (er...karmonocky)

Allison filled me on her recent trip to Sea World with Reid. I tried to teach him a few ski show tricks or shamu show signals. I need to remember to show him where to sit so he can shake the sea lion “Clyde’s” flipper.
I realized there were no boys in any of my pictures. I’m sorry dad…how did I miss that? So many pretty girls I guess. I had to borrow one from Cheryl of Reid. Reid has this funny little grunty like laugh. His mom, Al calls it his “courtesy laugh” – it cracks me up. Typical. The guy just grunting a laugh to make you think he’s paying attention and into your silly little games. We’re onto you little Reid.

What a cool weekend. I hope when I come back in July to meet my two new nieces I get to do it all over again x 2. Thanks everyone for dropping their plans to hang out with an old bat from Seattle (whose toes got to be warm for 4 whole days straight!)




4 responses

9 04 2009

Fun posting, Kim. I love most of the pictures! 🙂
Abby, Carlyle & Reid are so cute–the next generation is looking pretty good!!!

10 04 2009

i love it! kim…you should come back soon! i’m thinkin july, ok?
love you. miss you.

10 04 2009

Kim….I love the pictures on teh floor!!! So precious. And, loved getting to see you too. too short, but next time we play! When do you get here in July? We’re thinking of a coast trip, and want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your trip here.

10 04 2009

if you want to extend your trip, and head to the coast….bring it!

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