Summer Streets in Seattle

15 04 2009

Last week, the city hosted “summer streets” in our neighborhood. The thought is to get people out in their neighborhood, meeting neighbors, performing art if they feel inclined, and visit some of the local businesses also hosting various displays of art. The 22 block long “party” meant all of the streets are blocked off to vehicle traffic, allowing for everyone to meander down the streets. Ours was the first of six celebrations to happen over the next few months.

We walked from our house over to the end of the block party. Walking through our neighborhood is like a treasure hunt right now. So many great spring surprises! The late winter has kept the daffodils around a little longer than usual, I’m loving it!


our neighbor's daffs and not quite bloomed tulips

We weren’t really sure what to expect of our art walk/summer street party. We wandered down the streets to see what was happening.


someone tap dancing on her homemade dance floor

Some guys brought huge boards and did spray paint art real time. I forgot to snap a picture of the finished product when we were walking back home. Is that supposed to be Xavier McDaniel from the now defunct Seattle SuperSonics?


some spray paint art of seattle icons i suppose

The kids really enjoyed it. It was very cute to see how tentative so many of them were about walking in the middle of the street. Many of them when put down out of their stroller gave funny looks and made a beeline for sidewalk where they’ve been told over and over and over they should be. I don’t think these little guys had an issue with it though.


a dragon and his buddies making sidewalk chalk art

It is impossible–impossible–to go to any kind of event like this in Seattle and not see someone like these guys.


expose your clothes! yes, he's riding in a dryer down the street.

While I commend their efforts to encourage folks to use less energy, I have to agree with my friend Ciara. She said it best…”I don’t like crunchy clothes.” 🙂 There are some things I would have a hard time giving up. Maybe I’ll turn off my computer and tv earlier every night to make up for it…


be fearless, go dryerless!

There were definitely a lot of people out and about! It was really fun to our neighbors and friends running around. Not so summery in terms of weather, but at least it wasn’t raining! I’m really glad we went to explore. We had fun visiting with friends while roaming the neighborhood.


neighbors enjoying the nice evening

On a side note, I’ve been prepping our garden again this year for vegetables. I decided to start my own plants from seed this year. They’ve been living in this happy little dome for the last few days and really sprouted. Science is fun! So far, it looks like we are going to have a really nice crop despite all of the seeds I already planted were dug up by the insane crows that swarm the neighborhood every day. Our animal kingdom could prove challenging to our happy plants this year.


happy veggie and herb starts




4 responses

16 04 2009

Ya’ll are sooooo fun! And, i’m cracking up at the comment “someone tap dancing on her homemade dance floor”

tell ris and ashley hello for me. wish i could be with you guys!

17 04 2009
Aunt Sue

It’s looking like summer AND spring are forgetting Colorado as we’re under our 3rd major snowstorm since spring began!!! The poor little flowers that were starting to show are being buried under huge amounts of snow! The poor tree in front of my home had gorgeous buds/the branches are now touching the ground (I’m hoping they won’t break) I enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures!
And yes, I’m envious!

18 04 2009

My mom didn’t have a dryer when we were growing up (with 4 kids yet!), and I remember the clothes actually freezing on the lines outside. We’d have to carefully bring them in so they wouldn’t break, then hang them all of the house while they thawed. Not fun! Poor mom! I also had no dryer in Japan, and the birds would poop all over my clothes, so I was always having to rewash them. Nope! My clothes may not freeze here, but I need a dryer!!!

18 04 2009

We had a clothes line too. I remember running into that huge steel pipe… I was going full speed… it wasn’t. Dad always had some extra pipe laying around that he was trying to use up… it was way over engineered. I know… I know… that goose egg on my forehead is why I am the way I am… And… I believe I was running for my life… my mean big sister was chasing me.

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