Friends in Town!

16 04 2009

YAY! I love when people come to visit. Marisa and her (my new) friend Ashley are doing a tour of the Pacific Northwest and made a stop in Seattle for a few days this week. We had so much fun getting to visit and always love quality time with friends. It was a whirlwind of a few days, I didn’t capture pics of everything, but we did go to Snoqualmie Falls! The rivers are starting to run high, it means snow is melting, YAAAAAAAAAY! More proof of spring.


beautiful snoqualmie falls

That night we went over to the Space Needle to take in the view from the top. First day the clouds parted in a few days, it was nice!


the only tulips in town that have popped. more please!

The image of me getting this picture is funny. But so worth it.


ashley and marisa at the space needle

We planned our trip up the space needle to be sure and catch the sunset over the Olympic Mountains. We didn’t miss it!


sunset starting out west

The light was really nice. We were really hoping to catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier, but she was not going to show her face.


marisa, ashley, downtown buildings, puget sound

We got to keep watching the sunset. I snapped it JUST before it dipped behind the olympic mountains.


spectacular sunset

After watching the sunset we had dinner on Queen Anne and did some karaoke. Oh my. If you haven’t gone to karaoke with Ashley & Marisa, I HIGHLY recommend it. Ashley got a very bored crowd yelling, singing along and dancing with her rendition of Dolly’s ‘9 to 5.’ And Marisa? Brought down the house with her Janis Joplin ‘Piece of My Heart.’ Scott and I were in awe. I’m a back up dancer, never going solo. EVER.

The ladies left today to head up to Canada. I’m hoping to go up and meet them for the weekend. So glad to spend some time with them, I hope they don’t mind me crashing their vacation!!


the mist from the snoqualmie falls was intense




7 responses

16 04 2009

so fun! wish i were there.
pretty seattle.

16 04 2009

wish I could see the water fall. What amazing pictures.

17 04 2009

I can’t imagine a more fun trip! You definitely need to get your hiney up to Canada with them. And, I totally agree with an ashley/marisa kareoke night. it’s pretty unreal. throw Casey in the mix…..WHOA!

18 04 2009

Maybe you could just keep Marisa and Ashley there and slowly transplant the rest of your friends and family to Seattle. Can’t wait to see the pictures from Vancouver!!

18 04 2009

Did you guys hike down to the river and sit on a rock in the middle of the river to watch the waterfall?

19 04 2009

try hiking to the bottom at the end of july during a heat wave. uhhh. it was fun though. can’t wait to see the canada pics!!!
i think kim is slowly trying to get us all to move there. anyone else agree?
maybe it will work.

21 04 2009

did we hike down? no. it was cold and rainy in the mountains. but sunshiney and pretty down in town – we hightailed it back to the city 😀

Darn, you all have caught on to my scheme to get you all here.

**you love the northwest and want to live here**

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