Canada Done Texas Style

21 04 2009

I was lucky enough to crash Marisa & Ashley’s vacation in Canada and joined them in Vancouver for the weekend. I took the train up on Friday morning. It was misty and chilly, but a beautiful train ride up the coast. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend travelling by train. You see so much more and someone else is doing the driving!

By the time I got there, the blue skies were coming out and the temperatures were really warming up


the maple leaf flag behind a maple tree

I got there just about lunch time and everyone was hungry. We hopped over to Fritz European Fry House to sample one of my favorite things in Canada. Poutine.


the menu at Fritz. french fries with a side of french fries!

Now, get your mind out of the gutter. This stuff is faaaaaantastic! It’s french fries, topped with cheese curds, and then smothered with brown gravy. It’s a Québécian dish that some have claimed as the national dish of Canada. You can sometimes find it in the states, but it rarely tastes right. Seems like something Texans would be all over. Marisa’s was topped with a homemade ragu sauce as well.


classic poutine. im drooling looking at this picture!

From there, we needed a walk. We headed down Granville Street and crossed over the bridge to go to Granville Island. This guy followed us much of the way. BC is full of bald eagles. Scott thinks they go there for the free healthcare.


barry the bald eagle following us

Vancouver is one of those cities that just can’t be compared to any other. Beautiful steel and glass high rise buildings with a back drop of snow peaked mountains and beautiful water everywhere. It really is stunning.


looking back at vancouver from granville island

Once we crossed the bridge we wandered Granville Island. It is a big artist’s community with many galleries and a huge public market.


public market and blue skies

Marisa decided to chase the goose to see what he did. The series of pictures are hilarious. The goose was not a fan. At all.


goose is getting on high alert

The flowers were beautiful as always, there were huge hydrangeas everywhere. I always have to get a picture of them when I can.


self indulgent hydrangea shot

On the way back, we took a little water taxi for 2CAD (about $1.80 US) back across False Creek to the mainland. Great way to get a feel for everything Vancouver has to offer.


barnacles on the pier legs

Back to the city side, we hung out on the beach stroll that leads to Stanley Park. This tree atop a building baffles me. Where do it’s roots go?


how does the tree withstand wind storms?

Vancouver is the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics. You’ll start seeing this symbol everywhere. I figured it was created for the olympics, but learned it was actually a symbol of the indigenous Inuit tribe. It is called an Inusksuk and is said to represent northern hospitality and friendship. This one is on English Bay.


kim and the inukshuk

The views were impossible to take in by camera, but I tried…


the foothills across english bay

We stole this idea from someone else on the beach walk, I like to see how little we are against the big tree.



The girls did too…


she is woman, hear her roar

After our adventures in the park, relaxing in the sun, and a little shopping, we were wandering back to the hotel and I realized the cast from Twilight was probably staying at this hotel on our block. We then spotted a pack of teenagers on the corner with their phones and cameras ready. Marisa and Ashley are die hard fans of Twilight…they might have convinced me to read the series. Well, they are also die hard fans of the boy who played one of the characters…soooooooo…we set up shop. Across the street. Cameras ready. Waiting. For Edward. No, definitely not stalkers.

vancouver-2009-073 of twilight 🙂

We gave up and made our way out for the night. We had dinner at a great brewpub in Gas Town with intentions of completing their trifecta of karaoke. Alas, the place we tried was not doing karaoke on Saturday nights :(. So we wandered around town and wound up back at Fritz. We got some poutine to round out the trip.


last dose of poutine before heading back to the states

It was a really fun trip! Next up…the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley!