Skagit Valley Tulips

22 04 2009

You guys have heard me complain about how long this winter has been. A lot. I mean, we got more than two FEET of snow in the city this year. That just doesn’t happen. But it does mean excellent things for our bulb plants. They love a super cold winter!

On the way home from Canada, we stopped off in La Conner to check out the tulip fields.


contemplative man in the daffs

Because the cold has been hanging on a little longer than normal, the fields weren’t in full force yet, but some of the manicured gardens were beautiful and the daffodil fields were still in their prime.


happy woman in the daffs

It was such a warm weekend, we were expecting the fields to be out and crazy, but I guess we needed a couple more of the warm days. Maybe next weekend is the weekend to hit them up!


one closed yellow amongst many open red tulips

I liked this garden shot though. The cherry blossoms are just finishing up in this garden, but you can still see them. I’m loving all the chartreuse and pink from most of our cherry trees right now.


manicured bulb garden with a cherry tree

The sunlight was so nice for capturing photos.


indulgent macro

And I couldn’t get enough…I’m loving using the big camera!


i like that you can see the spider web

Finally I asked someone to take my picture so I don’t bore my blog readers with pictures of flowers.


kim in the tulips

As we were heading back to town, we happened past one field that gets really good afternoon sun. By next weekend, there will be almost 15 MILES of these fields up in Skagit Valley. Beautiful!


pink tulip, red tulip, yellow daffodil fields




2 responses

22 04 2009
Aunt Sue

Gorgeous pictures, Kim!!! Makes me want to take this trip, too.

25 04 2009

so beeeautiful! i am definitely coming this time of year someday!!

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