More of the Tulip Fields

25 04 2009

 Just another attempt at the fields. Oh, so beautiful!


a closeup of a pink and white tulip

I think I could drive up every single weekend to see the changes. The apple trees, the cherry trees, the magnolias…oh, the magnolias. And of course, the tulips. Spring in the Northwest is spectacular!


a whole field of the pink and whites

 We saw some people ducking down or sitting down in the fields. Jessica was very big on having just her head pop up so it looked like she was swimming in the fields!


she's swimming!

I love when the colors of the fields come together. It’s almost overwhelming when two contrasting colors come together- especially the red & yellow ones.


pink to purple

You aren’t supposed to walk through the rows, and most of the time people don’t care, but occassionally… In this particular field people were doing all kinds of crazy jumps and wacky stuff. We were tame.


steph & jess

 One of my favorite sights is the random colored tulip in the midst of a color block. I’ve always been an odd duck, maybe that’s why I love them!


tall, oddly shaped red thing amongst the pretty yellow

 Five girls took this trip. The littlest of them was way more interested in trying to pick a flower or two. She didn’t succeed, but not without trying!


ducking into the fields

 There is nothing more breathtaking than when you clear a small hill and see the “POP” of color. The red is by far the most dramatic.


red tulip fields across the green (alfalfa maybe?)

Up close and personal, they still don’t disappoint.


red field

 Red + mountains. Not too shabby.


more red tulips


two redheads amongst the red fields

 Sorry, it’s so hard to stop taking and posting pictures.


rows among rows


red leading to purple

Most of the daffodils are gone now, but a few remain in some of the shady gardens. This is a “blush” daffodil. It may look like a standard orange and white guy, but it’s actually a lovely shade of salmon-ey pink. Reminds me of “blush and bashful” from Steel Magnolias. Anyway, it’s a rare flower, and so beautiful!


blush daffodil




15 responses

26 04 2009

Amazing just amazing! OK Now I know why you live in WA. Why do I live in TX? I guess if you put all my friends out in a field that would be my tulip field.

26 04 2009

You live in TX because of all of your tulips. The beauty in WA is unparalleled, but so are the people in TX. I miss everyone so much! I love your comparison, Pam. I hope on my next trip down I get a chance to visit with you a little longer.

You are a good tulip 🙂

26 04 2009

keep taking & posting. i could look at those all day! so pretty! you are my favorite washington tulip…..scott brings in a close second.

26 04 2009

I’m coming next year for sure. (I said that last year, didn’t I?). Let’s put it on the calendar. Maybe I’ll bring a grandaughter with me!

26 04 2009

I don’t want to come visit… I want to stay there…

You did a good job of photography. Beautiful flowers… and girls.

We should have headed up there… next year for sure.

26 04 2009

I really like the first photo.

27 04 2009

OK so I’m back again. Just had to see the tulips again. Who knows, maybe I’ll go next year too.

27 04 2009

THAT is all unbelievable! What a fun day with girlfriends:) And I don’t think you are an odd duck. I think you are so smart and fun and full of life!

27 04 2009

I can’t get over these pictures. amazing. you’re so great with yoru camera. i do love the red flower amongst the yellow. it’s a brave little soul…much like you my love!

27 04 2009
Aunt Sue

Gotgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!! I want to come NOW!!! We got more SNOW this morning and I’m ready for spring!! I love your postings, Kim…I get to live vicariously through you.

27 04 2009
Aunt Sue

oops, just saw the spelling of the 1st “gorgeous” (and I don’t know how to change it so…..)

29 04 2009

Peep a Boo!

2 05 2009
courtney g

Okay, that post makes me want to come there! NOT kidding! Tulips are my favorite. You need to blow up one of those close ups and frame it. You are a gifted photographer! Oh, I keep going back and back to look at those pics! Amazing really! That has to be in heaven somewhere – its that pretty!

2 05 2009
courtney g

You need to go and take Christmas card pictures in the red tulips!

6 05 2009

Abby is putting in her reservations to be the “grandaughter” travelling with Mimi and Popop to the tulip fields with “Ankim”!

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