My new telephone buddy

20 05 2009

Mom, you’re off the hook! I won’t be calling you anymore when I’m stuck on the bridge in traffic. I have a new phone buddy. Granted, she doesn’t talk to me, she just sits there and breathes heavy into the phone and watches Elmo and occasionally calls out for “Nilfa” (aunt melissa), but it’s more entertaining than the passive drivers on 520.

Yesterday, I called the house and this little bugger answered the phone “Hi AnKim.” Mimi figured we’d have a great conversation and went on her merry way. About 10 minutes later mom came back to the living room and found this:

Abby 081

someone needs to get this girl an ottoman

She must have realized quickly that her sitting position was not so ladylike…

Abby 083

elmo & phone talking - exciting times for a two year old

Now she just looks like she isn’t amused with me for sitting there listening to her breathe.

Abby girl, any time  you need to vent about all that attention going to your cousin and baby sister, you call AnKim, I’m here for you! I love you, phone buddy!




6 responses

20 05 2009

ahhh you are forming a special bond with her. Start to skype. That is really fun. Cute post Kim.

20 05 2009

OHmy gosh. I’m cracking up laughing. That is hilarious. picturing your mom leaving the room, and you just sitting there trying to get her to talk. And, her sittingin that chair is hilarious too. oh so funny.

20 05 2009

Even though she was only sitting there breathing into the phone, Abby wouldn’t give up the phone after I realized poor Kim had been carrying on a one-sided conversation for over 10 minutes. Too funny!

21 05 2009

hahahaha! love it.
so, are you not calling me anymore either? pretty soon you’ll have 3 nieces to take up rush hour! you might actually start to look forward to it! 🙂

21 05 2009

It was kinda nice having Abby sit in one location for more than one minute. You and Elmo are hired as baby sitters…

27 05 2009

Yeah, Ankim, wanna babysit tomorrow afternoon. We’ll call you around 3pm our time… 🙂

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