Veggie Garden 2009

15 06 2009

My thumb is going from black to a greener shade of brown, I think. Quite a bit of trial and error and a couple of years of a yard have helped me learn quite a bit about what works and doesn’t. This year we have some pretty awesome crops coming together. Below you can see the purple potatoes. My philosophy in gardening is to find crops of stuff that are harder to find in your regular market so it makes it worth the time & money.

001_Purple Potatoes

purple potato crop

My Black Prince Heirloom Tomato. Yes, an evil name. I hope the tomato is evilly delicious.


black prince

Pretty Cosmos. To take the place of the ranunculus.


new cosmos

The hydrangeas have gone crazy! Back in September 2007, my parents helped us plant our first plants…these hydrangea bushes! We have three bushes. Each of them is about 4-5 feet wide and 3 feet tall, each with 50-75 blooms! My favorite plant, by far!


early hydrangea bloom

Remember our back yard? I know the picture has a lot of bad shadows, but I’m so proud of how it has filled in with the plants from last year. I love summer!


backyard is finally coming together

Our full garden treats include (keeping written down somewhere so I don’t forget in 2010, thanks for indulging me!):

Black Prince Heirloom Tomato
Mr. Stripey Tomato
Black Krim Tomato
Purple Carrots
Purple Potatoes (baby ones)
Walla Walla Sweet Onions
Sweet Sugar Pumpkins
Bush Beans
Golden Beets
Bibb Lettuce
Watermelon (haven’t come up yet, I think the crows got the seeds)
Update! Forgot my peppers…
Habanero peppers (we always attempt, never have gotten fruit, too short and cold of a summer here)
Serrano peppers (got some good ones last year!)

Are you growing veggies this summer?




4 responses

16 06 2009

Beautiful garden. Beautiful yard. Wow Kim I’m very impressed. I’ll send a picture of our tomato garden. 😦 So sad.

What is with the purple veggies? Maybe the veggies heard kids didn’t like green so they turned into purple. Do they taste different?

16 06 2009

i love it! your grass…errr…moss looks great! (or is it grass?)
kim, i looked for purple potatoes yesterday…nope. maybe at central market or whole foods. 🙂 have you made purple mashed potatoes yet?
i didnt see any peppers listed in your garden?
no veggies at the suess’ house this year. just growing a baby. 🙂
and i havent recovered from my heartbreaking battle with the dear last summer….over my tomatoes. i did get one tiny heart shaped tomato. (quarter size)

16 06 2009

Oh no, Pam, I’m sorry about your tomato garden – what happened? 😦 I don’t know why I went for so many purple veggies this year – in theory the more color they have the better they are for you. I think they look pretty, and that’s the real reason, haha!

Mel – that is all grass! Scott has done a really good job cleaning it up this year, it’s so much healthier! I haven’t been able to find any purple potatoes recently either, just the ones in my garden. I dont’ want to know what Whole Paycheck would charge for them, so I’ll wait for my harvest. And thanks for the reminder, I DO have peppers, and forgot to list them. I will edit my list!

18 06 2009
Aunt Sue

I think your gardening skills are amazing, especially hearing how long Seattle has gone w/out measurable rain!!!! I surely wish that we could share the WET weather we’re having here in Colorado w/you & Texas.

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