Ladybug Invasion!

29 06 2009

We have an aphid problem. They sit there on our trees, the leaves, our potatoes, tomatoes, dahlias, and even our hellabores. They are so annoying and squirmy and leave a trail of general ickiness behind their path of destruction.

As I’ve mentioned before, our house sits right on top of an extremely salmon sensitive area. Everything we do in our yard ends up in the streams that affect the salmon population and all of the other dependents. That being the case, we try to be a 100% organic gardening household. This means fighing weeds and pests require some creativity.

My back gets a little stronger every summer pulling out the weeds, but the pests are a little harder to banish from our oasis in the city. The natural enemy to aphids are ladybugs. We bought a bag of 1500 ladybugs for $4.99 at the local nursery and unleashed them on our yard. It will never get rid of ALL of them, but I’ve seen a pretty big improvement already.


one of our soldiers protecting the potato crop

In other news, the potatoes are starting to flower!!!! Yippee! This means in about 3-4 weeks we will be able to begin harvesting some baby purple potatoes! I simply cannot wait to get a taste of these. The tomatoes are really coming along (Mr. Stripey even flowered this weekend)!


potato flower and buds

You are all invited for brunch or dinner when our harvest comes on in!




3 responses

29 06 2009

Impressive… Abby would love to play with the ladybugs in your yard!

30 06 2009

Yea for bitty ladybugs!!!

30 06 2009

fyi….that last comment was from mom. 🙂
she was on my computer. but, i second that!

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