sat-2-sea: day one

14 07 2009

Well, we like to keep people on their toes. Why bother flying back from Texas? Why not buy a new car and drive? Scott has been looking for a new car since mid-2008. His 8 year old Jeep Wrangler is a little rickety and rough for a long commute every day. We LOVE road trips. You can get a good deal on a car in Texas. Sounds like a perfect match! He ended up with this beautiful machine below. It’s nice, I love it!


scott's new ride

So, we set off on a journey across the country to Seattle. Our original plan mapped us through Scott’s hometown of Midland, up to New Mexico to Los Alamos (mom’s hometown), up through CO and on to Yellowstone National Park. Well, we got a really late start on Friday and didn’t make it as far as we planned. We got pulled over for speeding just outside San Antonio and received a warning…which means if you get caught going one mile over the limit, you’re toast! The police officer did not seem to buy the “we need to go variable speeds to break in the new engine” line.


grandmom's house (scott's paternal grandparent's home) in midland

Scott’s parents recently moved away from Midland, so we have no real reason to go to Midland anymore. We stopped off at a few places to capture some of his favorite places on camera. Not to mention some delicious West Texas Mexican food.


granny's house (scott's maternal grandparent's house) in midland

From there we headed on to New Mexico. We entered at Hobbs and made our way to Roswell that night. We figured if aliens were welcome in Roswell, they wouldn’t turn us away.

As you can see, we hadn’t quite gotten down the “pictures while moving” bit when we entered New Mexico. We rarely pulled over to take pictures, so most of these will be when the car was moving. Entertaining, for sure.


welcome to new mexico

Next up: Los Alamos and Colorado…




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15 07 2009

now turn around and drive back! that would be SO fun! next stop..toot too..AUSTIN! 🙂

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