sat-2-sea: day three

16 07 2009

Day three, we woke up early, grabbed a free breakfast, skipped their coffee and sought out an espresso shop. A cute little house turned book store, espresso shop, and wine bar in Cortez, CO. My Americano no room was delicious and a perfect pick-me-up for hitting the road. By this point in the day, we were considering making the rest of the drive straight into Seattle.

San Antonio to Seattle 001

cute espresso shop in cortez, co

So, we jetted on. Straight on to Utah!

San Antonio to Seattle 004

welcome to utah

I liked this picture. On a quiet Sunday morning, it felt like we had the road to ourselves.

San Antonio to Seattle 008

lpod and the open road

We even passed some incredible monuments. Of which, I don’t remember their names. This is just before you approach Canyonlands National Park.

San Antonio to Seattle 015

cool rock formation in utah

Even some natural amphitheaters. Sigh. Reminds me of Lake Powell. Too bad we couldn’t take an extra week and go hang out on Lake Powell for a few days. 

San Antonio to Seattle 023

natural amphitheater

Going into Moab we crossed the Colorado River.

San Antonio to Seattle 050

colorado river outside moab, ut

The red rocks of Moab were stunning. The pictures really can’t capture how deep the red is.

San Antonio to Seattle 062

stark contrast

We headed on into Salt Lake City and got into the bigger, lusher mountains.

San Antonio to Seattle 091

lush mountains outside salt lake

Once we turned the corner, we came across these windmills. They are HUGE! I wish we could figure out how to show you the scale, but they are way bigger than any I’ve ever seen. Can you compare to the normal electric pole below? They were massive.

San Antonio to Seattle 097

scott's nose and some giant windmills

And…well…Salt Lake was not very interesting from the big ole highway. So we made our way straight on into Idaho. Where it got even less interesting.

San Antonio to Seattle 103

udaho ... i mean welcome to idaho

Until we came upon all of the thunderstorms. We never drove through any of them, but we were surrounded by thunder and lightning. It was a blast to watch. Scott loves the waves and zig-zag motion of the clouds.

San Antonio to Seattle 113


And that was about all the excitement in Idaho. On to Oregon. Of course. Oregon’s welcome sign was impossible to catch since it was behind a tree. Silly Oregonians. Didn’t want to cut down a tree so people know they are in their state. Surely the fact that you can’t pump your own gas is a good indicator.

San Antonio to Seattle 115

welcome to oregon...not really

 So, we snapped the cute Oregon Trail Inspired overpass as our welcome into Oregon.

San Antonio to Seattle 117

oregon trail...thankfully no one died of dysentery

We started getting into the rolling straw colored hills of Oregon pretty quickly. I think this is the Snake River, but can’t remember. This is very similar to eastern/central Washington. But I think Washington is greener. Palouse county is amazing.

San Antonio to Seattle 124

rolling hills and rivers

I do like the brown hills. Soon after these pictures, those thunderstorms from Idaho caught up with us. When we got deep into the Blue Mountains of Oregon (post sunset) the storms really picked up and the driving became treacherous. We decided going on to Seattle might not be the best idea, so we ended up crashing in Pendleton, Oregon. A precious little town close to the Washington border.

San Antonio to Seattle 128

more rolling hills and river

Next up: HOME!




3 responses

17 07 2009

I’m loving your journey. knew i would. We always see parts to the windmills being driven through san antonio and on to wherever. they are HUGE!!!! It took me forever to figure out what they were transporting. It is hard to explain if people haven’t see them in person.

17 07 2009

Mom and I made the same drive in 31 hours in a Penske truck… non-stop. The hardest part was the accelerator pedal on the truck had a strong spring… and no cruise control. I had to drive with my left foot on the accelerator… after 20 hours or so… I kept looking for a brick that would hold the accelerator pedal down. The truck was forced to stay under 65 MPH.

I regret that it was dark when I went though the Moab area… thanks for the photos.

For hours, the signs kept pointing to Lake Powell… your antiques almost made a side trip.

Thanks for the post. It is good to see the world through my Daughter’s eyes… and Son-in-Law’s eyes.

We took a AAA shortcut and were lost in Utah for 2 hours, very early one morning.

3 08 2009

OK again I love also going on this journey with you. what fun. I’m just a month off but it’s still fun. Wow your pictures are fabulous. Did you stop to get them or was that through your window? O my you are clever or you never had any traffic the whole way home. Or not much. Or probably waited for the cars to go by and then clicked the pictures. duhhhhh right?

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