Sunday Supper: Concert Picnic

20 07 2009

Sunday night we went to a concert at a local county park, Marymoor Park in Redmond. Usually when bands come to town they play at one of downtown’s older theaters or the legendary night clubs (you know, where people like Pearl Jam & Nirvana played in the 90s). It was refreshing to be outdoors. Especially since our extremely dry summer is continuing.

Fortunately, this park allows you to take your own picnic, so you aren’t stuck eating mass produced “philly cheesesteaks” for $20 a pop. I made up some yumminess!

First course: just as we arrived at the park all hot and sweaty; cold Proscuitto e Melone. I never understood why my mom salted her cantaloupe. It grossed me out to no end. After my honeymoon to Italy, I SO UNDERSTAND HER! It’s a standard antipasto in almost every Italian Ristorante (in the summer, of course, when the melon is in season). The combo of salty & sweet is perfect.

DCFC 002

proscuitto (or thinly sliced ham) wrapped around cantaloupe

The first band to play was Ra Ra Riot. Scott’s main reason for wanting to go to this concert. They are from Syracuse, New York and have such a fresh, fun sound. They have a cellist and violinist in the band, which add a depth to the sound that you can’t find in most music. You can hear more of them on their My Space music page. They were seriously awesome.

DCFC 056

ra ra riot

Second Course: After Ra Ra Riot, we waited for the next band to come up and ate a tomato and mozzarella salad. I found some black cherry tomatoes at the market and some little pearls of fresh mozzarella. I drizzled it with EVOO, some kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and chopped up a little basil out of my garden. Yum!

DCFC 001

mozzarella and tomato salad

Third Course: While the next band was playing, I made up some sandwiches. I started with some good ciabatta bread from the bakery. I topped it with a mixture of soft goat cheese mixed with ricotta (just to cut the tang, only a small spoonful), a squeeze of lime, and chopped cilantro. I took one whole roasted poblano pepper and put that on top of a grilled chicken breast. I also added some slices of avocado to mine. Mmmmmmmm.
DCFC 065

delicious sandwich!

The headliner was Death Cab for Cutie (plus some Oatmeal Scotchies). Death Cab for Cutie hails from Seattle, so it’s always fun when they play here. I LOVE DCFC. Their lyrics are witty and always entertaining. Their sound is fun and happy most of the time. This picture was taken during my favorite song by them: I’ll Follow You Into the Dark. I like the visual, big evergreens behind the stage as it’s getting glowy and dark.

DCFC 069

death cab for cutie

We had a really great time at our Sunday night concert! Yay for summer!

DCFC 067

perfect summer night




4 responses

20 07 2009

Looks like fun to me. I am not so sure about that bacon stuff on my healthy melon… salt either, for that matter. Music is good… did they do any Eagles?

20 07 2009

You crack me up! We probably would have had peanut butter sandwiches!

21 07 2009

Ohhhh, yet again, i’m wishing we lived in Seattle. So right up my alley! Plop me outside, on a blanket with food, and live music…couldn’t get better.

Martha, I’m wish you. We’d have a bag of Doritos and gas station sandwiches. Kim, people were probably salivating just looking at your food.

21 07 2009

proscuitto and melon! jen introduced me to that in france…i guess they stole it from the italians. i just ate the proscuitto though b/c i still don’t like cantelope.

billy and i soooo wish we could have been there with yall! we love dcfc.
seriously….were all the people around you staring at you wondering if you brought enough for the whole class?

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