Sunday Supper: Breakfast Edition

2 08 2009

Excuse my lack of posting. It’s been too hot to use the computer outside of work, much less think or be clever (am I giving myself too much credit for being clever?). We broke the all-time heat record in Seattle this week. At our house we hit 103° on Wednesday and it hasn’t been much under 90° in the last 8-10 days.

This is really, really unusual for the Pacific Northwest. We just don’t have the infrastructure to handle this kind of heat. A lot of local businesses had to close due to the heat because most buildings here are not equipped with air conditioners. Including the Lpod house. Whew, it got to 96° in the upstairs of our house and about 85° in the basement. We’ve been living in the basement, only going upstairs to the fridge for cold water and consideration of moving into the fridge.

Why am I rambling about the weather? Well…it has done GREAT things for the garden! Our first crop of tomatoes are about ready for harvest, as well as some serrano peppers. The watermelon plant has seemingly arrived and decided to take down literally everything in it’s path. I don’t know what to do with it.

This morning we were discussing our plans for the day (should we go see the Blue Angels? see tomorrow to find out), and I mentioned I needed to do some garden cleanup. I then suggested we get out during the cool morning hours and harvest what we can. Scott pulled up one potato plant and got a handful of taters for breakfast.


our first harvest of 2009

As you can see above, they are of varying sizes. I prefer baby potatoes, I think they taste the best. And I consider myself to be a potato connoisseur (hello, french fries, I love you).


beautiful bright purple taters

You can also see that they are purple! They taste just the same as any regular less starchy potato (yukon gold, baby red, etc), but apparently they have more antioxidants and can provide better nutrients to you. Let’s not mention the real reason I love them… they are beautiful! I can’t get over what a pretty vegetable they are.


all cut up with some place to go

I quartered them up into small bite size pieces and cut up a poblano pepper and sauteed them both in some butter, salt, chili powder, and fresh cracked pepper until they were soft. Then I added some eggs to make up a potato, poblano scramble. Just as the eggs were firming up, I dabbled in some goat cheese (left over in the fridge from our dreamy Death Cab for Cutie picnic), but not too much. Just enough for bite and tang.


deliciousness awaiting eggs

All in all, a fantastic, fresh breakfast! Too bad I didn’t have chickens and goats to have ALL of it sourced from the backyard 😉

After a breakfast like that, I guess we should go bake in the 90+ degree temps on I-90 to watch the Blue Angels??




2 responses

3 08 2009

OK I’m just now getting to read your blog, which I’ve not been able to read for a while. I’m stopping on this first one to comment. Chesley and I love seeing your veggies. I want to see your garden now that it’s growing so much. Chesley wants to see your watermelon. And he wants to know who tall are your tomatoe plants? His were 6 ft high three yrs ago and this yrs they didn’t grow but a foot. He used compost three yrs ago and nothing this year.
Don’t know why he didn’t??? Failed experiment.??

3 08 2009

That stuff has got to be genetically engineered!

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