Good-bye Cold Winters, Hello Cool Summers!

5 08 2009

That is what I thought I was inheriting when I moved to Seattle. Well, with this year’s record breaking 2 feet of snow and 15 days of sub-freezing temperatures and subsequent all-time-hottest-day-ever record breaking heat wave (which has fortunately ended), we decided it was time to invest in some windows. No more standing in front of our windows and letting your hair blow in the breeze.

Day 1 was ok. Four of twelve total windows are installed…tomorrow will be the remaining 8 plus all the trim. I hope they show up on time! I want this project D.O.N.E. tomorrow.

Check out the contrast of our old window (on the left) and the new window (on the right)… The left window will be replaced with two casements that will open in opposite directions to create more air flow (to assist with the next 103° day).

Window Replacement Day 034

old drafty vs. new pretty




7 responses

5 08 2009

I can’t wait to see the elusive trim in place. The wedge?

5 08 2009

Awesome! Hope your misery is soon over!

5 08 2009

Yes, dad, we decided to stick with the plain wedge. A trim expert was here (used to work for a custom home builder, now installs windows since the home building industry is uh…on hold) and said that was the right way to go. If we ever want to change it out, we can do the whole project at once…as you suggested this morning!

6 08 2009

so you can still open some of your windows? they are pretty!

6 08 2009

This makes me feel old. buying windows….who knew we had to worry about windows. I want to replace the window in my dining room.

6 08 2009
Aunt Sue

Beautiful windows, Kim! Would you have thought 15 years ago that you would be blogging about windows!!? I love it!

7 08 2009

Wait I don’t get it? Does the other window even open? O dear I’m always asking questions. See girls buying windows is fine. Wait until you don’t understand about windows.

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