You Know You Are Getting Old When…

9 08 2009

Jessica called me out. Getting excited about installing new windows in your house classifies one as old. Call it “settling down,” or whatever, but the idea of the below being your idea of a full weekend of fun instead of a weekend of traveling with friends to camp all weekend at a music festival, pushing the limits until Sunday night….well…this is it kids:

Windows Stained 001

supplies and general messiness

That’s right. We’re pushing the limits all right. Adding the next coat of teak oil to those windows until ONE AM on a Sunday night. Staining windows with a Q-tip kind of fun!

Windows Stained 006

happy cott loves the detail work

I feel so wild and crazy. Actually. I feel nice and cool with the cross breeze. It’s nice to be able to open windows! Here are a couple of the work-in-progress project.

Windows Stained 002

double casement to cool off the hot kitchen

Windows Stained 004

living room corner with a picture window and double casement

If all goes well, we should have the windows 100% complete by Tuesday morning, allowing us to get a start on fixing the drywall that was broken in the process. Like I said… We are crazy!




5 responses

10 08 2009

Well I’m very impressed. The windows look very nice indeed. And I get it now.

10 08 2009

settling down??? you are supposed to settle down in tx. austin to be exact.
your trim is gorgemous!

10 08 2009

They look really nice. and, love the idea of you getting a breeze in your kitchen. ours gets soooooo extremely hot. but, we ain’t opening no window in this house. Nice work cott and kim.

10 08 2009

Yep–Jessica is right. You and Cott are officially old!

10 08 2009

The windows are beautiful, by the way.

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