Pollination Station

20 08 2009

Guess what??? My watermelon finally pollinated. I’ve tried every method I can think of – there are dozens of new flowers every week, and I just through we’d never see fruit.

Now that we are hitting the very quick slide into fall, I highly doubt we’ll eat this little bitty, but at least I can say I grew a watermelon instead of “I grew a giant plant that overtook my entire garden, taking everything in it’s path down with no shame while it produced zero fruit.”

For perspective, I’m holding a hollowed out peanut shell in my hand.

Baby Watermelon 014

i think we'll name her winda

Yeah, she’s small and will likely not outlive the early morning crow insanity we call our street. But it doesn’t mean I love her less.

Baby Watermelon 010

yep. winda the watermelon.




6 responses

20 08 2009
Aunt Sue

Welcome to the world, Winda!

21 08 2009

Oh, I love Winda too! How’s she doing now?

21 08 2009

Jessica!!! I just went out there and oh my goodness, I have three more fruities growing! It had to have been planted more than 3 months ago, that is just silliness. In theory, I should have 4 ripe watermelons on Friday, September 25. WOOHOO (summer, did you hear me, cooperate, please).

21 08 2009

When I was a kid, I learned how to tell if they are ripe. You go out into the field and pick up one that looks ripe… then you drop it and break it open… then you eat the heart out… if it is good… then you pick the one next to it and take it home… Worked for me. This system works well with cantaloupe too. Never figured out honeydews… we took them to the produce barn and he gassed them to make them sweeter… carbon dioxide gas… I think… unless my Dad was pulling my leg.

21 08 2009

How exciting! Carbon dioxide??? You would think I would have heard of that and put all of you on notice about the dangers of gassed fruit… hmmm… 🙂

23 08 2009

this reminds me of my tomato plant last summer….the only to survive the deer, birds and squirrels was a TINY heart shaped little guy. tiny tiny. perfect heart shaped tomato.

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