Getting Close to Harvest Time

1 09 2009

Well, our summer days are still around, but they are certainly dwindling. I think we are having more cool, cloudy days than bright, hot sun. Which means it’s time for those giant tomatoes to start ripening and that watermelon to jump on in (Winda has left us, she did not survive, but she has about 15 brothers and sisters) if they want to enjoy an evening in our kitchen.

I decided on Monday morning I wanted to see how the carrots were progressing. I did the test and felt around the top of the plant and it was a perfect width, so I pulled it up. And this is what I found….


first carrot harvested in 2009

Yeah, so. It’s only about 2 1/2″ long, but it’s beautiful! I left the rest in the ground. But I cut this one up to give it a try. It was a perfect compliment to our carne asada tacos on Monday night. Check it out below, it’s yellow inside! The taste is perfect, kind of sweet and spicy at first and then when you chew it, it’s sweet like a carrot. Very good.

001_Food and Garden

the purple carrot is actually yellow!

Every week, I’ve been taking a cutting of my crimson dahlias (I only have one yellow dinner plate, so it stays on display outside), some hydrangeas, and a cosmos or two. They spruce up the home office for me. Long days of conference calls can get grueling, flowers are not!

002_Food and Garden

cosmos, hydrangea, dahlia

Tonight I plucked some fresh basil for our dinner, which I’ll share with you tomorrow. The basil smells so ridiculously good. I love fresh herbs. I need to freeze the rest of our basil, I think!

003_Food and Garden

delicious, fragrant basil




2 responses

2 09 2009

your flowers and veggies are beautiful! and your nails! are those fake? pretty.

2 09 2009

No fake nails on me, Mel! My thumb nail looks really long in that picture though. That nail is actually very short right now. Weird.

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