Happy Friday!

4 09 2009

My bigger tomatoes (Mr. Stripey & Black Prince) are finally starting to show signs of ripening! And no, I so don’t go out there 3+ times a day to see if maybe they are turning pink. Geesh.

Hope you have a great Friday and long Labor Day Weekend!

Tomatoes 2009 001

two black princes




4 responses

6 09 2009

whoa!!! those are huge! mmmm i bet they are going to be so yummy. won’t you kind of feel bad eating them? you probably shouldn’t name your produce.

6 09 2009

Good thought Melissa! No naming the food that you will be either cooking or just biting into or cutting with a knife. O so sad.
Great looking Tomatoes. Wish we could produce some of those in the HOT place we live.
Sure you don’t go out three times a day/??

7 09 2009

OK, those are beautiful. I have a question about your basil… how frequently do you water it? Any special tips on keeping it alive? I have purchased countless pots of basil at the grocery store since it is almost as cheap as the cut single use basil in the produce section… but it is always dead within a month. Help!

10 09 2009

Don’t you have pictures of a flooded tent or the inside of Cabela’s to post?

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