Fall Stopped by for Labor Day

13 09 2009

This year, we took our 2nd annual camping trip with some friends just east of Mt. Rainier. Most of you know our summer has been a very hot one and intensely dry. Well, we tried to make up for it with downpours, wind, and cold temperatures. We woke up on Saturday morning to discover our tent took on water, which is always fun. Fortunately, for all of us, our campsite offered a pavilion that had two picnic tables and a stone fireplace in it. It sat right along the Bumping River and only a few holes in the moss covered roof. Perfect! We woke up and made breakfast in the pavilion, and spent almost the whole day in there!

The rain let up for a little bit during the afternoon on Saturday, so we ventured out for a little hike to Soda Springs (campsite’s namesake).

001_LaborDaySoda Springs

the trail along bumping river to soda springs

It’s a natural sulfur spring that bubbles up cold, not warm water. It’s not very attractive, but it’s also kind of cool. Mountain springs always interest me.


soda springs

You can see below the pavilion where we spent most of the weekend. It was kind of nice, sitting by a fire with a book or magazine in the outdoors. Just a little chilly 🙂


pavilion party

Kate and Ciara decided to see if there was more of a hike across the river.


kate and ciara on the bridge

That evening, Scott & Alan went back out hunting before the sun set and we stayed in the pavilion playing games and reading.


playing games by lantern light

That night the fog really started coming in thick. It made the full moon look eerie and cool.


full moon and fog

It rained really hard again all night, Saturday night. So we decided to just hit the road on Sunday morning. We all snacked, packed up camp and made our way to the closest town for a warm breakfast. It was a fun trip, but fall was letting us know she was on her way!

I did manage to grab a picture of the railroad tie bridge across the river to the springs before we jetted out of town. The campsite grounds are really beautiful!


bridge over cold waters

As I type this, the weekend AFTER labor day, we had record temps of 85° this weekend and it’s absolutely perfect weather. Sunny, breezy, warm during the day perfect at night. Summer’s not giving up on us quite yet. My tomatoes thank you, summer.




6 responses

13 09 2009

Sounds like an adventure to me. Those are always fun in spite of the weather. I never saw the picture of you guys playing cards. Anyway the fire and cool weather sounds great to me.

13 09 2009

i mean seriously….those woods are EXACTLY what i picture when i read the twilight books. 🙂 thanks for giving me a visual.

13 09 2009

That looked like perfect vampire weather. Oh–I just read Melissa’s entry. I forgot she’s reading the twilight books now. Sorry, Kim. I know we’re freaking you out. Melissa–stop it!

13 09 2009

I actually meant to ask you what games you played.

14 09 2009


14 09 2009

We played Apples to Apples and Balderdash!

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