Mr. Stripey!

14 09 2009

FINALLY! I’ve been eating some of my smaller black tomatoes through the season, but what I really crave are the huge heirloom types. They took their time this year ripening, but Mr. Stripey finally produced the first ripe enough tomato to pull off the vine and eat for dinner. I had a black prince this weekend too, but Mr. Stripey was feeling photogenic!

Stripey is a bi-color English heirloom variety that produces low acid fruit. Some say it’s a highly productive plant, I say it’s kind of a pain! The plant is over 9 feet tall (even with severe pruning at the beginning of the season) and 3 feet wide. I will probably get about 10-15 tomatoes if the weather stays warm and ripens what I have. If not, I think I’m going to have a fried green tomato sandwich party!

MrStripey 004

meet mr. stripey

It’s such a pretty fruit, it has green, yellow and pink streaks on the outside, but the flesh is yellow with a pink center. I love their mild flavor, low acidity, and meaty texture.

MrStripey 011

yellow fruit with pink centers

I remembered to snap a picture of it as a tomato and mozzarella salad (the small ones are a small plum black tomato grown in the garden as well). This was just before I added a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. I got too excited and forgot to take a picture before eating. Yum.

MrStripey 016

stripey, black plums and mozzarella




6 responses

14 09 2009

Are you Julia Childs? O no she didn’t grow her food that she cook so well. I feel like I know someone famous.
Tell Scott I want to go cacheing with him when you all come for christmas. There are lots of places aound here and I have a “take me with you” one.

14 09 2009

PS do the black tomatoes taste burnt?

15 09 2009


15 09 2009

wow. what different worlds we live in right now… i’m lucky to get grilled cheese on the table for dinner some nights… as always, living vicariously. you are amazing.

15 09 2009

…and now i need grilled cheese for dinner! That sounds so good. Shar, will you make me a grilled cheese?

Pam, the black tomatoes taste a bit too sour for my taste. Almost like they are spoiled, but they aren’t spoiled! The only way I like them is cooked into a marinara. Scott loves them raw though!

15 09 2009

Your presentations are always so impressive!

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