Fall. Autumn. Winter?

17 10 2009

Summer has officially ended! The leaves are starting to turn and the rains have come. I think we are making up for hot and dry summer. I remember when I lived on Lake Washington and we would have stinted summer…I lived in a great community of a cluster of cottage-like apartments right on the lake, with a huge dock! In the summer, we would all leave our noodles, floats (I had a giant blow up Orca…yeah), and other summer gear out on our front lawns for the taking. If I had a party, I borrowed my neighbor’s floats and noodles and so on. We had midnight full moon swims during the two hot months of the year. It was such a great community!

One summer we just never had a summer. It was kind of weird. The 4th of July passed, we had an excellent Blue Angels weekend and then it just stopped. All of our floats just sat there deflating…waiting to be used. It was sort of depressing when it was in the low 50s on Labor Day Weekend and we all sat on our lawns closing up for summer without really having one. They had an EPIC swimming summer this year. I miss that place, and beg Scott to have a “summer cottage” there…he has not bought into that scenario. Yet.

This great summer has come to a close. I pulled up all of the veggies (save one plant) and planted the cover crop. Scott trimmed the trees and prepared for a blustery long winter.

In all, we harvested about 100 Serrano peppers, 15-20 pounds of tomatoes (many green ones as you see below), 20 pounds of potatoes, a few carrots, and a lot of Butter Lettuce. It was a great gardening year.

Final Harvest 001


Final Harvest 002

I said there was one plant I didn’t pull. It was the Habanero plant. Such spicy peppers don’t really grow up here in the northwest without a lot of intervention. I planted this one against the house where it would get maximum sunlight and heat. It flowered profusely throughout the summer, but never gave me fruit. Well… three days before our first freeze, I noticed fruit!!!!!!!! I didn’t have the heart to pull it, I’m letting it go. We’ll see if we can get one more bit of spice from the garden. Yum!

Final Harvest 006

I sowed seeds for fava beans, which serve as an excellent cover crop. After the long growing season, they bring some much needed nitrogen to the soil, in preparation for 2010 gardening. It’s kind of nice to see the calm dirt. (note: within 3 days of pulling all of the weeds and plants, there were MORE WEEDS sprouting).

Final Harvest 003

So…this wraps up my gardening posts for 2009. What a good year. Thanks for sharing my vegetable gardening! I guess the coming few months will be filled with pictures from various holidays and an exciting wedding. I hope my blog might become more interesting again soon 🙂




5 responses

18 10 2009

I think they must have been thinking of you when they made the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Love your blog–don’t change a thing!

18 10 2009

Are you going to fry some of those green tomatoes? Your Pop is proud of your nearly organic garden. You do a great job of posting too.

19 10 2009

you need to make fried green tomato blt’s!!!
man! i can’t believe you grew all of that. you officially have a green thumb.
i agree with mom and dad … i love your blog! your posts are always fun & interesting. can’t wait to see you!!!!

19 10 2009

Can you freeze some of the green tomatoes for a FGT party in Texas at the end of the month?! So impressed with you, Kim. As Abby & Ryan would say, “good job, An Kim, good job!”

21 10 2009

Very impressive green thumb you have!!! Wish I lived closer to you—I would be on your doorstep begging for hand-outs!!!

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