October Wrap Up!

9 11 2009

October was one of those months that just didn’t stop. November is turning out to be just like that. But, I’ll pause. I’ll update. I’ll read. And you’ll get to see a little peek of what we did in October. Sit in, grab some popcorn, a diet coke, and hang on…it’s a long post!

The month started with a girls trip to Vancouver, BC for my friend Jessica. A big group of girls drove across the border for a fun day of shopping, eating and a little night life. The only trouble we managed to get in was bringing some plums with us. Of course, honest Abe that I am, I declared them at the border which turned into a hilarious drama that made even the border agent laugh. If you’ve ever crossed the US|Canada border by car, you know…they do not laugh. They do not smile. They do not even acknowledge that you answer their questions (that they repeat to see if you get rattled). It’s their job, I get it. But I always want to see them smile. We accomplished that task.

It’s hard not to smile at 5 goofy girls piled into a SUV going for a “bachelorette party” in Canada who declare plums, a bottle of champagne and cheese at the border. He made arrangements for us to drop the plums off with another agent just up the road. One of our car mates got sad at the thought of tossing said contraband, so she chowed down on the plum right there in front of the agent. Where he just busted out laughing. The bride, full of the giggles, subsequently told him the only “weapons” we had were here fists (that is on par with joking about bad things in an airport…a big no no). He laughed again. Everyone realized we were one move short of being fully searched, derailing our plans to shop our afternoon away on Robson Street, so we got quiet and moved along. CRACKING UP as soon as we handed off our fruit and officially crossed the border. Good times.

The only picture I managed to snap was from our hotel room before heading out to dinner that evening.


vancouver sunset from the hotel room window

The next weekend, we headed with Cara and Clint to the farm where they work during the summer. Seattle has a lot of Community Supported Agriculture, where regular old people get to learn about farming, help out, and get a share of beautiful local produce. Cara & Clint were lucky enough to get in on one at one of the best farms in the area. Jubilee!


jubilee - a biodynamic farm

Their cash crop is pumpkins and they host a fall festival every weekend in October. Tons of people come out to the farm to check out the festivities. And the pigs.


piglet not so small

Inside one of the shelters, they had to move in the squash due to a “killing freeze.” This whole shelter was chock full of tons of squash.


butternut squash beauty

Of course. The boys had to find the biggest one in the shelter.


clint's smile makes me laugh

C&C took us on a tour of the farm. We walked out into the crops. Most have been harvested, but some still remained. It was a beautiful chilly fall morning.


foothills, fog, changed trees, and a crop that i can't identify (bad gardener)

Some of the cabbage heads weren’t big enough to be harvested the week before, so they stayed for a later harvest. This head of cabbage was like 12″ in diameter to give you context of how large they were!


reminds me of little shop of horrors

Some of the surrounding farms come out to participate in the festival. They bring ponies for the kids to ride, tractors for hay rides and even Clydesdale horses for a different hay ride!


that's a small pony, not a giant kid

The highlight of the festival is the punkin chunkin. Scott & Clint were all too excited to make it happen. They went to find some less attractive pumpkins to launch on the trebuchet!


kids at heart

They gather up some people to help pull back the weight for the chunkin.


crowd pulling the 2 ton weight back to set up for the chunkin

Clint and the owner of the farm are fixing everything up (notice my lack of technical terms).


clint trying to keep all digits and his head while rigging the trebuchet

Once the weight gets let go, the giant box (with a 2,000 lb block of concrete in it) comes down and the top swings up (you can barely see in the top left a basket that has a pumpkin in it).


action shot!

It launches that pumpkin really, really far.


flying pumpkin

You can see the orange blob to the right of the trailer as it makes it’s descent…


descent - please put your seat backs and tray tables up

…and then it splats. Usually the kids take off on a dead run to get the chunks of pumpkin and run it to the pig pen to feed those piggies.


kerplunk (run kid with the red hood, run!)

The farm was so much fun, we also came home with a giant bundle of produce and some pumpkin butter. We had such a great time, thanks C&C!

The next weekend we traveled to San Antonio with our friends Myron & Liz, Mike & Becky (Liz’s Parents) & Todd (whose bride, Jessica was back at home preparing for the wedding the next weekend). We were invited to SA for the Washington State v. Notre Dame football game. Myron went to ND, Liz went to WSU. They are married. It was fun. 🙂

Before the game, we headed to the WSU Alumni party just outside the Alamodome. It was HOT (78°)!


todd, myron, liz, scott, kim @ alamodome

The game was really fun. The ND band is awesome. We were on the WSU side, so you can’t read that, but it says “Irish.”



We even procured (well, Liz’s parents procured) sideline passes. We took turns going down to the sidelines taking in the views. You see the two guys super excited to be down there? Liz’s dad and Todd. I think they had fun (they are both WSU alum).


mike & todd sideline rookies

At half time, ND played “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and made the shape of Texas. So cool!


the stars at night,are big and bright (clap clap clap clap)

Liz and I went down to the sideline in the middle of the 4th quarter after the Irish had pretty much secured their win. We got to see both teams score a touchdown while down there though!


action shot - wsu was on the way to scoring here

Those guys aren’t small.


one final touchdown for those far travelin coogs

Mike & Becky, THANK YOU for the tickets and the fun memories of hanging out on the Riverwalk with everyone, what a great way to show off my home town! 🙂

Next up: Ballerinas, Ducks, and Ladybugs.