16 11 2009

I lied. No ducks. No bumble bees. No ballerinas in this post. Today, I am in Munich! I flew out of Seattle on British Airways Sunday night, travelled through Heathrow (resisted the assault from Harrod’s as soon as I landed, yay me), and arrived in Munich for rush hour (it is currently 11:42 PM in Munich, I think I’ve been awake for 30 something hours).

I made it in time to meet up with some co-workers at a traditional Bavarian Restaurant: Weissen Bräuhaus. Germany is not the place to visit if you want to lose a few pounds (eeks, Weiner Schnitzel!).

So far, I have found the people of Munich to be very warm, forgiving when you destroy their language, and welcoming. The strangest thing I’ve seen is that there are no street lights on the highways. I arrived around 5:00 PM local, and it was dark and rainy (felt like home). The drive up to München was soooo dark – and then I realized it, there are just no lights on the highway! That didn’t distract me from the fact that the taxi I was riding in was nicer than my own German made vehicle. Just a regular old taxi = fancy mercedes with full heated leather seats in the back. The price to my hotel certainly reflected that luxury. Safe though!

I adventured on the subway (Bahn) this evening. Missed a few stops here and there and still made it safely to the hotel.

hotel rooms always interest me - this one has art by light above the bed

weisse bier

some of my colleagues at dinner

We grabbed a train back to our hotel from this building (church?). It was absolutely beautiful. I will find out more about where I was so I can document for the blog and of course remember what I have seen.

carvings in a buliding - i assume a church

beautiful architecture

more modern architecture

I leave Munich tomorrow afternoon for Timisoara, Romania. I come back through for two nights and hope to be able to see a few great sites while I’m here.