Timişoara Day 2

18 11 2009

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a cacophony of roosters. It felt really bizarre, but also made me smile. There is a strike by the subway operators in Bucharest, so there was a lot of news and excitement – even though we were in Timişoara and there is no subway there. Traffic was pretty bad in the morning, but it is due mostly to the poor infrastructure than terrible traffic.

up with the roosters

The office has floor to ceiling windows through out and beautiful views! It was a little hazy from pollution, but you get the jist. The picture is of the same cathedral that I showed you from last night.

view from the office

Just below the office building is a large open air market. The fruits and vegetables looked amazing. With every meal in Romania, I received at least two whole tomatoes. The flavor and texture rivaled tomatoes I’ve eaten in Italy’s summer. They were really fresh and perfect!

fruit and vegetable market

I wished we were staying longer so I could purchase some of the fruit and vegetables to make a meal. These grapes below are approximately $1/lb. You could get a giant bag of perfect potatoes for less than $2.50 USD.


Some of the sellers in the market had their own jarred sauces, honey, jams, etc.

the lady was unsure about posing

Of course I got a pepper shot. There was a mountain of cayenne peppers to the right of this, but the seller was not a fan of me photographing his produce, so I moved along.

obsessed with peppers

I like the mounds of spinach in the below picture.

mountains of spinach

We walked around the block for a bit and came across a plane bike thing. I think they were shooting a film as this was in the courtyard of what looks to be an art school.

what is this contraption called, dad?

There are random statues all over town. Many of them are broken or have not been well cared for over the years. This one was in excellent condition and I found it to be a moving piece of art.

statue in timisoara

Back in Victoria Square, there were so many people out! The little kids loved to chase after the pigeons and try to pick them up. The little boy in the orange shirt and blue hat actually touched one and flipped his lid. While he wanted it, I am not sure he expected it. He was an unhappy kid (reminded me of when Abby got head butted by the goat at the zoo).

little boy is about to get a surprise

One last viewpoint of the metropolitan Cathedral. You can kind of tell from this picture that the roofs of the turrets are made of a shiny blue and green tile. It was impossible to get that detail through a camera due to the smog and we had to go back to the office, so we couldn’t walk down there. Oh well, next time 🙂

metropolitan cathedral

Tonight, I am in Wroclaw, Poland. It has a far more advanced infrastructure than Romania and the people/city are wealthier. My room is quite loud because a light rail is just outside my window. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep though, it’s been a long week!

Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to get out of the office and snap a few pictures, we are close to “old town” Wroclaw, where there is some historic buildings and plazas.