Mein letzter Tag in München

20 11 2009

This morning I woke up in Munich. It’s entertaining to wake up every night/morning and look around the room, smell the smells, hear the sounds, and then say “Where in the heck am I? Oh crud, what time is it?! Did I oversleep?!!” This has been me all week. It’s been such a whirlwind trip, but overall a really good experience.

I was so excited to wake up in Munich and know that I had more than 24 hours here to relax a little before the very long journey home as well as hopeful to see some sites in the daylight hours. My room this time has a view of the Autobahn.

sunrise over the autobahn

I ended up getting the chance to take a little bit of time off from work this afternoon did some sight seeing in Munich. I walked about 3 km into the city center where there is a ton of shopping, beautiful churches, and other interesting things. I enjoy walking so I can see a little bit of every day life where people live and work instead of right in the city center.

a little post office just outside the city center of munich

I got tired, and my feet (don’t judge, I’ve been on a trillion airplanes in the last 5 days) are so swollen that I decided to hop the U-bahn the rest of the way. One of the coolest things about old European cities is when amazing things are just plopped right in the middle of the modern world. I remember that feeling when we were in a taxi from the airport in Rome to our hotel. “Oh, hey, that’s some ancient Roman ruins. Oh, there’s the Colesium. No biggie.” 🙂 This is what I ran into on the way out of the Odeonsplatz U-bahn stop:

theatine church in odeonsplatz

feldherrnhalle in odeonsplatz

who is in charge at feldherrnhalle?

There are a lot of little shops, restaurants, cafes and offices along the walk way and then you approach the Opera House. Opera Houses in Europe are so grand and beautiful! 

munich opera house

 Then you sort of get lost taking pictures of statues. You forget where they were, you forget what they were about, but you still post them to your blog. Because they are so neat!

it will come to me. i'll remember. i promise.

 Do you remember my first night when I took a picture of a beautiful gothic looking building? It was in a wide open square with not much but a fountain and some benches in it. In three days it was transformed. Little booths were set up everywhere, lights were strung, stars were hung, and this town is ready for Christmas! Tomorrow, the Christmas markets open. Grrr. What ill timing on my part. Arrive just after Oktoberfest ends and depart just before the Christmas Markets open. Another excuse to come back with Scott.

Christmas market booths and neues rathaus

 This is Neues Rathaus or New City Hall, built in the late 1800s.

gothic revival architecture

As you can see, the flower stands have even started to get their Christmas wreaths in. The shopkeepers were unwrapping poinsiettas and putting them on display, the whole area was abuzz!

flower stands make me 10% happier

 There are tons of little storefronts with delicious looking displays. I think all of the little shops are so charming and personal.

dried and candied fruit shop

 This was the closest I could get to the little scene inside the tower at Neues Rathaus. It is several figures that dance around when the clock rings.

little scene in the tower at neues rathaus

The giant 88 foot Christmas tree will be lit tomorrow at 5pm to officially kick off the Christmas market.

88 foot tree dwarfed by the tower

There were several little butchers in a row. Steaks are a little pricier than at Costco.

little butcher shop - one of 7 or 8 on this road

Last picture of lovely Marienplatz. 

neues rathaus and frauenkirche looking westward

It’s been a crazy, crazy week, but a very fun one! I am going to meet a co-worker at a bier garten for my final night in Munich and hit the plane tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Abschiedsmünchen, Polen und Rumänien. danke für Ihre freundliche Gastfreundschaft!