Guess Who’s Coming Tonight?

24 12 2009

Last night we had Jake, Sharla, Abby and Katie over for dinner (Billy, Mel & Piper are already here). During dinner, per her usual request if I am present, Abby asked “Where’s Scott?’ For those of you who don’t know, Abby has a little obsession with her Uncle Scott. Aunt Kim is a second class citizen.

During the fall, she would think of ways to get her mom to call Aunt Kim on the phone. Sharla would oblige and before Abby could explain why she was calling she would blurt out “I WANT TO TALK TO SCOTT!” She’s a sneaky little thing.

Back to last night…at dinner, when she asked where Uncle Scott was, I told her he was visiting his family. She just gave me the disapproving look when I’m here and he isn’t and went on her merry way.

About an hour later we were getting her jammies on and she was a tad hyper. Mimi asked her if she knew who was coming tomorrow night (Christmas Eve night). Her answer? *top of lungs, screechy voice* SCOTT!

Granted, she has not been taught all about Santa yet, but I thought it was simply awesome. I have a feeling next year the answer would not be the same. We should relish it while we have it.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and have many blessings visiting with your family.


Merry Christmas




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