Paris Day 3: Notre Dame de Paris

30 12 2009

Well, jet lag really hit today. We overslept in a big way, but that’s fine. 🙂 Once we finally got moving, we walked over to a local monoprix to get a few groceries to have in the apartment. Makes for less expensive breakfasts and some dinners. We had a small snack and then made our way to Notre Dame on Île de la Cité.

cite metro stop

We arrived during the day, but I decided to use all of the pictures from the evening and night. It’s impressive by day, but stunning by night.

notre dame means 'our lady of...'

Below is a close up of one of the arches. There is so much detail on every part of the church.

there are a lot of people in that arch

red doors

love this window - trying to figure out how to crop and use this image

i think gothic architecture is my favorite

We actually arrived just in time for mass. It’s kind of weird to have tourists waking around the back side of the church while mass is going on. The organ was beautiful.

for 5 euro, you can light a candle and say a prayer (prayers are free, obviously)

The nativity scene was still up on the north side of the church. It is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen.

first half of the nativity scene

full nativity scene from the back

Mass is now underway – we stayed for a little bit and then headed outside.

watching mass from the back of the church

Next up was wandering through Ile de la Cite and making our way back toward Rue Cler (a supposedly pedestrian only street near the Eiffel tower – someone forgot to tell the cars that it was pedestrian only).

one last shot of notre dame

After a lot more walking, talking, and having dinner, we came back across the Eiffel Tower. Scott was able to find the right setting on his camera to get great pictures of it sparkling. How cool, huh?

so sparkly!

I also got my flip video… and I’m having trouble turning the frame before uploading. I gave up – will deal with it when I’m back in the states! Turn your head so you can see it 🙂




6 responses

30 12 2009

Scott must have collapsed after the tartar… fell down and took this photo on his side. Should have left the tartar sauce off… sorry… had to.

30 12 2009

wow. just wow. And even in paris i dont think this girl could’ve done the french version of a burger.

30 12 2009

I was there as well and I feel like I’m learning more from you and really seeing it for the first time.
Scott, I would have eaten the french version of a burger.

31 12 2009

Can you picture a bride walking down that beautiful aisle? I loved the nativity scene too!

3 01 2010
nancy king

Thank you for sharing your pictures that bring back my memories of Paris. Steph’s mom

9 01 2010

The French burger was actually very tasty, and I’d have it again (except for l’ognion of course.) The quality of the meat makes a big difference…

The only problem is that it makes you fall over sideways to take videos the next day, which is only a problem since we can’t find the setting to rotate it.

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