Meet Franc the Fizzy Water Making Penguin

12 01 2010

If you hang out with me when there is snacking or a meal, you might know of my love for sparkling water. It started some time around 10 years ago. I used to think it tasted like dirt. I never liked it.

One day I accidentally bought a bottle of Pelligrino and I was won. Now, I’d prefer water with gas over flat. But it’s expensive! And the bottles fill up the recycling bin so quickly! And they are heavy when I’m walking home from the store! I could go on and on…

So. For Christmas, Scott gave me Franc. He comes with some CO2 containers (that can be refilled when you take them back to Williams Sonoma) and a couple glass bottles… and makes THE best sparkling water I’ve ever had. Each CO2 bottle will fizz 60 of the water bottles.

franc, our new family member


franc with one of the water bottles

 First, you tuck the bottle of water in his back and tilt it back in.

tuck the bottle in his back

Then you close the silver part right back down. It slides down over the bottle and locks in place.

close the back down

Pull the beak, holding it down until it whistles. I like to pull it twice for extra bubbly water. Guess what the coolest part is? NO WIRES! It’s a pretty sleek little machine that has made it’s way onto the counter with no issues.

dont worry - it doesn't hurt him

Open it back up, pour water and top with lime or lemon or orange or soda or whatever little flavor you want. Apparently you can order soda flavors online to make your own homemade soda.

perfectly fresh sparkling water. thanks franc!

What a great Christmas present. Franc will be in our family for many years to come.




2 responses

13 01 2010

HA! hello there franc! you sure are cute. congratulations for making it on kim’s counter with no issues. you passed a tough test.
KIM! Do you have vanilla syrup for lattes? Try mixing some of that with ice and your franc water….yum! vanilla italian soda! mmmm…that sounds sooo good!!
can i come work from your house today? can piper come too?

15 01 2010

are we invited too? i love sparkling water too!

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