Fastest, Most Painless Winter. Ever.

26 01 2010

Seriously. We’re on pace to have the warmest January on record. It’s been pretty much sunny since we returned from Paris, save a day or two here and there. I saw a cherry tree blooming this afternoon on my walk, what a confused little tree! It is an El Niño year, which means warmer temps, less snow and usually more rain (what in the WORLD were the olympic organizers thinking when they planned Vancouver Winter Olympics in an El Niño year???). I’m sure we’ll get another blast of cold, but I don’t think we’re in for any week long shut-ins due to 18″ of snow. 

My hellebores have bloomed easily a month earlier than they have the last two winters. 

blooms just opening


My hydrangeas (yes, I have four of them now…i bought a new one in the fall when they were 40% off – it’s a deep red color, I cannot wait to see it this summer) have started sprouting new leaves and my bulbs are peeking up out of the ground. I planted over 100 bulbs in the fall this year, expect a good show in a few weeks all the way through June! 

my new fire red mophead hydrangea survived winter!


When we first bought the hellebores, they just laid down on the ground. I think they hated our house or the yard we put them in. The whole summer I watered them, wondering what I was doing wrong. Then suddenly, after their first winter, they just perked up and decided they wanted to stay. Now they are the best performers in that part of the garden. So pretty and different! 

h. x ballardiae pine knot (scientific name of the plant)


Is spring coming where you live?




4 responses

28 01 2010

interesting….we have had the opposite! one of the coldest decembers ever! an arctic blast is making its way to us right now. (you know, a high of 50, low 28.) arctic.
love your post. reallllllllllly reallllly makes me want to hop a jet to come see you!

28 01 2010

Pretty flowers. Maybe Mimi and PopPop can come visit them later this year. Your hydrangeas are always so pretty… need to come see them.

30 01 2010

Do I hear rumblings of a trip to Seattle to tour AnKim & Cott’s garden? Oopy, doopy, doopy, doo, oopy, doopy, doopy do, oopy, doopy, doopy, do, do, do, do, hey! We thought the last visit was tough with Abby… can you imagine one now? He He

5 02 2010

“Is spring coming where you live?” Uhhhh, NO!!! We’re expecting more snow Sunday & Monday with highs in the low 30’s & 20’s (low’s are in the teens) so no spring yet! Love your pictures—gorgeous flowers!!! So, not only are you a fantastic cook, but you also have an amazing green thumb!!!

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