Let the Games Begin!

12 02 2010

As I might have mentioned on this blog before, I love Canada. Specifically Vancouver and Whistler. LOVE THEM! I’ve been feeling kind of sad and left out this week with all of the big networks hanging out in one of my favorite cities. I hope they don’t uncover all of our favorite little spots to hang out so they’re overly crowded when we go back to visit.

Speaking of favorite spots, Fritz’s European Fry House is close to the top of that list. I told you all about Fritz’s and their signature dish, Poutine when Marisa & Ashley were in town last spring. In honor of tonight’s 2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony, I decided to make the dish that will assist my further departure from olympic athleticism.

It really is about the cheese curds. Regular old cheese just won’t give the dish the oomph you need. Fortunately, we have a cheese maker down in Pike Place Market that sells their curds all around town.

beecher's fresh cheese curds

I made some homemade french fries and some basic beef flavored gravy. Layer with the french fries on the bottom, top with curds, and a little brown gravy. As a warning, this is not a low fat dish. It’s a pure indulgence, but so so worth it every now and again!

not endorsed by the national heart association

Want to know what else is on my list of favorite spots in Vancouver? You can come visit and hop a train with me to BC and I’ll show you in person. 🙂 Happy Olympics!




5 responses

13 02 2010

i guess…..yum???? i like all the ingredients .. but not sure about them being together. those cheese curds ARE good! kim shared them with us when we were up there last feb. you guys should have bought some tickets to the opening ceremonies! i heard re-sale they were going for $4k!!!! pocket change.

13 02 2010

OOPS! that was mel…not billy. 🙂

14 02 2010

We talked about going to the Olympics, remember? In my old age, I guess I really don’t like crowds anymore. So maybe I’ll just take some brown gravy and cheese to McDonalds and have some Poutine! Your captions made me laugh!

17 02 2010
Scottford (aka Cott)

You guys have to try it before you knock it. Cheese, with gravy? What? Yeah, it tastes better than it sounds. Peartine rules.

19 02 2010

I don’t know about this recipe… I’m with Mom. But I think Kim’s brussel sprouts are WONDERFUL! Too bad Katie doesn’t agree… she won’t come near me after I have eaten then… But you should post that recipe to share with everyone.

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