More Signs of Spring!

3 03 2010

We’ve had some really beautiful weather lately. More sun than rain. Warmer temps without chilly wind. I even am leaving the house without my jacket on some afternoons! Right now, we’re in for a stretch of warm, dry weather through the weekend. This afternoon, I took a long walk around the neighborhood to check out the sights of spring happening in early March.

*please don’t snow or frost.please don’t snow or frost*

plum tree bloom and blue sky

peach tree blooms and crocuses

close up of the plum tree blooms

maybe someone thought he was a chocolate bunny? i always eat the ear first too.

daffs and a bloom free tree - i love the ongoing transitions!

the pinnacle of spring for me - magnolias. this one is not yet bloomed, but getting ready! they call 'em tulip trees here

What say you? Anything exciting going on in your neighborhood?




3 responses

4 03 2010


The Live Oak leaves are falling at a good clip. I have to change the Polaris leaf bag every 5 minutes when it is windy. The skimmers too. And the pool water is cold!

One lone Ranuculus has popped up, but no flowers yet.

We do have some yellow flowers like in your photo… the name escapes me right now.

Mesquite have not popped yet… so… winter is not over… We may get the Redbud trees this week.

4 03 2010

Beautiful time in Seattle for sure. Not so pretty here now! Everything needs to be cut back or pulled out. Winter was rough on the landscaping this year. Loved your pictures. Poor bunny!!!

6 03 2010

Gorgeous pictures!!! We had temps of 57 today, but are expecting snow/rain on Monday & a possibility of a BIG storm on Wed. so no gorgeous buds or flowers yet! I did see a tiny bit of green grass yesterday, but nothing worth taking a picture of… I’m giggling over your “please no snow or frost, please no snow or frost”!!

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