The L Pod is Growing!

13 03 2010
How exciting! It’s been a great year for the L Pod. They have FIVE new calves that have been spotted so far this late winter near the San Juan Islands. Some years you don’t hear of any, others you hear of a couple, but in almost 9 summers, I’ve never heard of one pod getting five little ones in a year. The most recent one is L-114. They don’t name them until they’ve made it a year or so as their lives are a little precarious in the first year. It’s mother is a 22 year old Orca named Matia, aka L-77.

image borrowed from

I love hearing these stories and seeing the whales flourishing in the wild. I think we need to make a long weekend trip up to the islands and soak in their beauty and sit on the shores looking for our namesake. 

In other growing news, the L Pod of the blog is expecting a baby L Pod too! We’re extremely excited and plotting and planning some adventures that include a +tiny. We’re due on September 23, 2010. I’m feeling great and excited to share the news with everyone! Scott is beyond excited, though he might be a little tired of my tears. We all know the volume of tears I produce is higher than normal. Between the Olympics and other high drama events in the last few weeks, he’s had to console this teary pregnant lady a lot. He’s good at it too. 🙂 

Obviously, many more updates to come! Any bets on a boy/girl?




8 responses

13 03 2010

wahooo, wahoo, wahoo!!!!! the suess pod is so, so excited! can’t wait to meet that sweet little baby!! love you guys. we are praying for a healthy mommy & baby! (and daddy too) 😉 good job taking care of her scottford.

13 03 2010

ooooooooops! that was mel. (billy agrees though.)

13 03 2010

Oooo la la! So, basically this is a sequel to your Paris posts? We are thrilled! You guys are going to be great parents!

13 03 2010

Aunt Shuepod is super excited too!!! I’m so happy for you both–you will be incredible parents!! I’m praying for the three of you!

14 03 2010

wait. what does a sequel to paris mean? i’m confused. however, i am in the early betting for you kiddos have a boy kiddo! let it be known. also, here are the top 5 things i learned during melissa being pregnant: (this is billy)

1. i don’t know anything about anything
2. she knows everything about everything
3. people like to talk about babies, except when they don’t have one
4. you never talked about anything before you were pregnant because you can’t remember not talking about your baby
5. being pregnant is like getting a puppy, except babies open their eyes immediately after being born

14 03 2010

Hands down my favorite post!!!!! Love that Seattle is growing! great excuse to get up there to visit!

15 03 2010

Congratulations, Kim and Scott!!!

20 03 2010

Mimi and PopPop are excited for #4. Each sweet baby is #1 in our hearts!!

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