Cherry Blossom

20 03 2010

My parents lived in Japan just after they were married for a little while. While they were there, they bought a sweet maltese puppy. I suspect they bought her during the spring when the cherry trees were blooming because they named her Cherry Blossom. She was a great dog. One of those perfect mixes of snuggly and playful. And protective. We would pretend to hit mom and mom would fake pain and scream and cherry would come after us. She never bit us but she pretended too and got all ferocious. (sounds like kind of a sick game when you type it out for the world to read, no? we were a strangely very fun house, I think).

row of cherry trees

Mom told us about the beautiful cherry trees in Japan. I really didn’t get it or understand what was so special about them. I mean, all I knew was the yellow pollen mess on Live Oak trees, that was never a fun time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Live Oaks. They make me tear up when I see them, they are such a symbol of “home” to me. But I hate that yellow pollen. Probably not as much as dad and mom who have to clean it off everything twice a year.

mellow in the trees

I got really lucky about 11 years ago when I was sent to Washington DC for some kind of emerging software training. Sad, I can’t even remember the name of the software. I happened to be there during the week of the cherry blossoms. I finally got it. The cherry blossoms are amazing! It’s that perfect picture of spring. Promise of the warm, relaxing summer days to come, but still enjoying the cool breezes left over from winter. Spring can’t be beat.

peeking through

We’re fortunate in Washington to be one of those climates where cherry trees thrive. They are everywhere and all bloom at different times, so the blooms easily go on for 4-6 weeks. There is a giant fruit bearing cherry tree outside our home office window that isn’t quite blooming yet.

gothic architecture and blooms

But the ones at University of Washington are in full glory! We popped over there last weekend and hung out in The Quad. A lot of other people had the same idea as us. A lot of amateur photographers, professional photographers, family portrait takers, young couples snuggling under the trees, kids running around the pathways. So much fun. The combination of the green grass, brick pathways, gothic architecture, and blooming trees make the quad one of the most beautiful places in Seattle on a spring day.

the quad at u-dub




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20 03 2010

Your cherry trees are way far prettier than any we saw in Japan–at least what I can remember almost 40 years ago!! And you’re right about the oak trees. I just spent several hours cleaning oak mess out of the pool. But I’ll love our beautiful oak trees again in a couple of weeks!

20 03 2010


20 03 2010

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! As we just had a snowstorm to celebrate the first day of spring, trees aren’t blossoming yet here so loved looking at your pictures and dreaming…

22 03 2010

wow…so beautiful!!! i would like to hop a flight and come see you guys and all the amazing scenery.

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