23 03 2010

Get this. Scott will only let me eat blue candy. For Valentine’s day, I had a bag of almond M&Ms in valentine colors on the table at the front door (Abby’s favorite MM stash). I asked Scott to hand me some while we were watching tv one night and I got a handful of blue MMs. He says I’m only allowed to eat blue so we can guarantee the little speck is a boy. Last night he came home from work with a big bag of Robin Eggs for Easter. Guess what? They’re all blue.

team pink or blue?

He thinks he’s so clever. But really, while he’s at work, I eat pink food all day (ok, it’s hard to find naturally pink foods – salmon counts though, right?). I can.not.WAIT to get a strawberry iced donut at Shipley’s in April.

Take your vote in the poll on the right. We’re set to find out at the end of April what the gender of specky will be. I might give a prize to one of the correct guessers!




6 responses

24 03 2010

Are you going to find out before? O can’t wait. We are so excited here.
Tell little boy blue I’m thinking blue!!!!

24 03 2010

Someday… Maybe… Maybe one of the females in from this household will come through with a little fisherman.

We did have a boy dog here at one time… but that ended badly.

At least we inherited 3 great SIL’s.

24 03 2010

I wanted to vote for one of each—a boy AND a girl, but your poll wouldn’t allow it!

24 03 2010

I say boy! And, LOVE Scott’s excitement!!! Let’s make a donut date to Shipley’s.

24 03 2010

PopPop, girls like to fish too!!!

3 04 2010

Blue! Blue! Blue! Someone in our fam has got to have some blue! But, honestly, I am predicting Pink! Lovely pink! 🙂

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