Easter Beignets

5 04 2010

One of my only really intense cravings has been for donuts. I think I’ve mentioned that. I obsess about them quite a bit. I let myself have one about once a week. Usually less, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I cratered and gave into a grocery store donut last week and regretted it. I hate donuts that leave a film in your mouth. Ew! So not worth the calories. There’s a place in a nearby neighborhood that does all vegetarian donuts. And some vegan ones. They sell them at Whole Foods too. They’re okay. Kind of dense, but far better than the grocery store donuts. Top Pot is always a favorite, but kind of hard to get to from our neighborhood. But, really? I just want a Shipley’s strawberry iced donut, darnit!!

I decided I wanted to make some beignets for Easter breakfast to sate this craving for fried dough sweetened with sugar, frosting, or cinnamon.

Scott had to come to my rescue. Apparently pregnancy has not been kind to my skills in the kitchen. The dough was sticky and I nearly gave up. Scott saved them.

They were really tasty!

beignets in the bright morning sun




3 responses

6 04 2010

I craved donuts also but that was 36 years ago. O my. How did I do that when I had morning sickness for 7 months. ?? I do believe my last child also craved donuts with her first. Although she wasn’t so open about it. sort of a closet donut craver. 🙂 BUT we found out.
I’ll trade you one of your biegnets for a shipleys. overnight??

13 04 2010

Pam, I like this plan. Overnighting. Hmmm. I’m not sure the beignets would make it! Maybe I’ll have to transport them there myself. 🙂

6 04 2010

yummm! i want some!

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