My Hero

12 04 2010

I have a reaaaaaaaaaaally long list of projects for the house. Little things here and there I’ve wanted to get done over the years, but never started for some excuse I can’t remember. Scott has been my champion of house projects in the last couple of months. This weekend, he got up on Saturday morning, put a coat of stain on our new mantel, made himself a lunch, and headed off to work. I was barely out of bed by the time he was out the door.

He worked all day, getting home just in time to get dressed to go to my company’s annual anniversary party. On Sunday, he finished staining and oiling the mantel before he cleaned out some old boxes in the basement. THEN he edged and mowed the yard. I needed him to go to Costco and the grocery store with me after all that, because no one should go to Costco alone on a Sunday. They might not return alive.

We got home, unloaded the car and I put the groceries away. While I did that, he swept the walkways, the back porch and the garage, and took all of the boxes out to recycling. He took a few conference calls in between all that mess of a Sunday and eventually went to a work dinner on Sunday night. I’m sure he was really well rested by the time he got to work this morning.

Check out my cool new mantel! Now we finally have someplace to hang little speck’s stocking at Christmas. Thanks, my sweet husband for taking on all of my crazy projects.

mantel ready for deocration

Now I get the joy of decorating the mantel. These pieces are all just for show and belong elsewhere in the house. Can’t wait to decorate my first mantel!