Soupe a L’oignon Gratinee

18 04 2010

Yum. Last night, Scott and I went to a little french place in an adjoining neighborhood. We’re trying to hit up all the less kid-friendly places now while we still have the chance. We  had a delicious meal. Mine started with a little gratined onion soup and Scott with some sautéed sardines over roasted tomatoes with a green, pesto like sauce on a toasted baguette. The sardines were the big winner of the night. SOOOO tasty. I have a can at home and am thinking of trying to recreate this deliciousness.

Their frites are delightful too. Of course, served with mayonnaise. The ONLY way to have frites (don’t argue with me, you will not win :)).

l'oignon lpod

Happy Sunday, we’re off to play at the Arboretum in this almost 70° day!!!