75% of you were right!

19 04 2010

Baby lpod is a boy! We went in today for an ultrasound. The tech barely had time to tell us her name before baby lpod displayed the goods. I was embarrassed, Scott was proud. I’m sure the first of many moments just like that for us. 🙂

So now we begin the naming process. This ought to be interesting with us. I was just going through a list, throwing out random names tonight. I said “Do you like Oliver? I really like the name Olivia, maybe I could like Oliver too.” To which, his response was “only if his middle name is clothesoff.”

And so it begins…




3 responses

20 04 2010

I’m laughing toooooo hard, that is hilarious. Men…..

20 04 2010

SOOOOO funny—-good luck in the naming process! ( How about Ima—Ima Lpod—hey, if you can have a boy named Sue/you can have a boy named Ima!!!)

20 04 2010

hahahaa. nice scott.
i’m keeping piper away from oliver clothesoff.
I AM SOOO EXCITED about a little boy in the family! how stinkin fun is that!
congrats guys. love yall.

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