27 05 2010

Scott is in Hot Water

18 05 2010

Haha. You thought I’d blog about an argument with my husband? We never argue, y’all are crazy! If you read PopPop’s┬áblog, you know his boat, Hot Water is moving to the pacific northwest! I think it was really hard for them to part with it, and I feel kind of bad, but we agreed he could have free bait for life if he ever wants to come fishing with his grandson and son in law.

We’ve decided to keep it at a marina for the summer months, since I’m going to be too pregnant to help get in and out of the water all summer. The marina is just a couple miles from our house, which makes it quite convenient! They store the boats in dry storage using a crane to lift it out of the water and onto the crane. You just have to give them a one hour notice of your arrival. Not too bad!

She arrived today and Scott got her all arranged in her new home. I’m sure she misses PopPop’s side yard tonight.

hot water at her new home

Which one do you think i chose?

3 05 2010