Day 4: Relax

5 06 2010

Many people told us of a little breakfast spot called The Gazebo. We simply must have breakfast there every day! Well, our hotel reservation included a free giant breakfast buffet every morning (a $60 value). It was hard to pass up free given the expense of food for all the other meals. But we couldn’t miss the Gazebo. We hopped over for breakfast and only had to wait in line for about 30-45 minutes. It’s a tiny little place with 12 tables and some really tasty macadamia nut pineapple pancakes. Scott really liked the coconut syrup they served with the cakes. Thanks for the recommendation, folks, it was awesome!

the gazebo with kapalua bay beach in the background

Just outside the breakfast spot is this funny sign. Scott yelled “whale ho” all day when he saw me. I tried not to take it personally. (I’m kidding, my husband never yelled it AT me, he just yelled it a lot and I pretended to be offended). We saw no actual whales, we missed them by a couple of weeks.

ding ding ding whale ho

We then spent the day at Kapalua Bay Beach. Scott did a lot of snorkeling and saw tons of great stuff. I hung out in the shade and read my book.

snorkle master

We hung out by the pool at the hotel for a little while after the beach as well.

he's so handsome

The coolest thing we did this day was the “astronomy tour” at our hotel. There is a small observatory on the roof of the hotel. We got to go up and see stars we don’t typically see at 47° N (Seattle’s latitude). We watched the moon rise over the West Maui Mountains. There was also a powerful telescope where we got to see the rings and four of the moons of Saturn. It was really fun. Even if I wanted to go to sleep half way through.




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