Day 5: Parasailing and a Lū‘au

5 06 2010

Our last full day on the island, Scott wanted to parasail. I thought I’d be able to ride on the boat and take cool pictures. Apparently, pregnant women are too broken to ride in boats (oops, don’t tell anyone what I did today) so I sat on the beach while Scott went parasailing. It was fun to watch from the beach with my half caff americano in the morning. They took him by dinghy out to the parasailing boat.

dinghy. no, not my husband, the boat!

He said it was really peaceful and relaxing and not at all scary. On my next trip to Maui, I am so going parasailing!

going up!

He went 800 feet above the ocean to soak in the island. 

a third of the way to the full height

in front of the west maui mountains

They even dipped him in the ocean and let him go back up. It’s all wench driven from the boat you saw right off the beach. 

when i dip u dip we dip

 This is my view of it all from the beach. 

thankfully, he came down safely

We spent more time hanging out on the beach and at the pool reading our books. That evening we had reservations at the Old Lahaina Lū‘au. It was surprisingly good. We went in with low expectations for both food and entertainment, but the food was actually fantastic and the entertainment was nice. We shared a table with a newlywed couple from New Jersey who were on their honeymoon. They were really nice and the setting was perfect right on the water watching the sunset.

old lahaina lū‘au

They do a traditional smoking of a whole pig underground and unveil it for their guests. The gentleman in the sarong was telling us all about how it is smoked and telling cheesey jokes. As you can see, there were a ton of people waiting there. We got there a little early so we could see the pig. It was hot and crowded and annoying. A young british girl was standing in front of us and decided she’d rather partake in a fresh, frozen lava flow (pina colada with strawberry purée) than stand around looking at a pig in the ground. She looked at her mom and said *put on your best british accent now* “it’s just a pig, being dug out of the ground?” Her mother nodded her head. The girl said “Bugger. I can just bury some bacon in my backyard and see this at home” as she wandered out of the crowd for her rum fueled cocktail. We have been cracking up and saying “I could bury bacon” in our best british accents all week.

story telling

 The pig was uncovered. The skin looks crispy and yum. Like a smoked turkey. 

piggly wiggly

They carried him away for our dinner. I suspect that pig did not feed all few hundred or so of the people there, but the ceremony and show was funny.

off to the buffet

The sunset was spectacular that evening.

perfect sunset

A perfect end to our week in paradise.

taking it all in

We got back to Seattle late Tuesday night to storms, gusty winds, and chilly weather. It was quite the shock to the system. So were our inboxes. We’ve readjusted to real life and even got a spectacularly sunny, warm day in Seattle, so all is good!




3 responses

6 06 2010

When you go back, i’ll go back with you and we can dip, you dip, i dip!

6 06 2010

What am I doing in stinking hot San Antonio… when I could be there? Looks like fun. Thanks for the great blog.

7 06 2010

O my goodness sakes. I didn’t know you were there. What fun you two always have. Love the pictures and am going to go back and read all about it. I just saw the update. I love this blog so much. You always have the most interesting pictures and comments.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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