Maui Day 1

5 06 2010

We decided to take advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend and extend it into a little vacation in paradise. We went to Maui for the week and shook out the late lingering Seattle winter and warmed up our toes in the sand!

We got there on Thursday afternoon and headed straight for the pool and beach. I was quite puffy from the 6 hour dehydration chamber (aka: boeing 737) and needed a good walk and lots of water. We grabbed ice waters to go from the pool bar and walked down Ka’anapali Beach.

scott in the warm waters of ka'anapali beach

We found some hammocks along the way that were just calling our name. So relaxing. These hammocks were pretty much full the remainder of our week!

getting used to not being tethered to his laptop

Hammocks tethered between two palm trees are so dreamy. It’s like a corona commercial.

not a cloud in the sky

We headed back up to the room to freshen up and go find some dinner. We happened to catch a pretty nice sunset from the balcony.

post card maui

Did this cloud just roll in while the sun was going down? Strange, huh?

where did the cloud come from?

 We walked back down Ka’anapali Beach to find some dinner and came across a lovely proposal. I hope she said yes.

i'd do it all over again in a heartbeat

We later figured out that they keep that “Will U Marry Me” sign up all the time. I guess they just add the “light up fee” to the room when someone feels the need to pop the big question in front of the Westin. 🙂

You already saw the daytime view from our balcony in my Aloha post. Here is the nighttime view. Pretty nice!

nighttime on ka'anapali




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