Maui Day 2: Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours

5 06 2010

As we started planning the week, we realized Hawai’i was chock full of a bag of don’ts for me. I’m not used to being told “no” on any kind of adventure, so it was a little hard. Also, most of the fish in Hawai’i is on my “absolutely don’t touch it” list. Mai Tais by the pool? Fogeddaboutit. Fun 🙂 At first, it was a little frustrating, but we found ways around my limitations (man, it makes you feel broken, not pregnant) and still had an absolute blast.

If I can fly in a plane, I can fly in a helicopter! We did a little research and found a very reputable company to give us a tour of the islands via chopper. It was the first helicopter ride for both of us, and it was tons of fun.

bluest water ever

We were traveling at about 150-200 mph above the water and instantly made way for the island of Molokai. We got pretty close to these waterfalls, but it was hard to get good pictures. A lot of the other people on the chopper were wearing white shirts and light shorts so their reflection was in most of our pictures.

waterfalls on molokai

These waterfalls were from the previous night’s rainfall. It rained pretty much all day every day on the mountains of Molokai while we were there.

fresh rainwater falls

What was amazing to me was the sheer cliffs of Molokai. Apparently much of Jurassic Park 3 was filmed here (and filmed using the helicopter crews we were flying with).

sheer cliffs of molokai

Then we headed on over to Lanai. This is the very isolated leprosy quarantine area of the island. Many folks inflicted with the disease still live there. I know where I’m headed if I ever develop leprosy.

leprosy colony

We flew through some of the valleys to take a shortcut back to Maui.

valleys of lanai

And then into some of the drier parts of the island.

drier lands

These are some ancient pools built by the Polynesians. They dug them out of the reef so fish could swim in, but never swim back out. They make for pretty photographs.

fishing pools in the coral

We made it back on the ground safely. It was a fun adventure, I recommend using Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours if you go to Hawai’i anytime soon!

chopper experts now

We freshened up and headed over to a highly recommended dinner spot called Mama’s Fish House. It was just outside a little town called Pa’ia. Pa’ia is a charming little town with a lot of great restaurants and gelato, espresso, and gift shops. We stopped in for some tropical and pineapple gelato. Charming little place.

ono gelato in pa'ia

Mama’s was everything people said it was. Expensive, but worth it. Delicious fish (even some on my safe list!!!), great service, beautiful views in a relaxed environment.

mama's fish house under a full moon

Their specialty drink was of course, the Mai Tai. Scott had one while we waited for our table to be ready. Every drink (everywhere, not just here) was always served with a big chunk of pineapple and an orchid. They left the pineapple off his drink, which was usually immediately devoured by me anyway, so it wouldn’t have made the picture.

angry polynesian

Scott had the hawaiian sampler platter that had Ohno, grilled bananas, poi (he was not a fan), sweet potatoes, and a tea leaf with steamed pork inside. They served it with a cracked coconut that you poured over the top of the dish. Quite tasty, if I say so myself! For dessert we had passion fruit mousse topped with chocolate ganache, dipped in coconut flakes and served in a little clamshell cookie. Adorable and tasty.

delightful little pearl of goodness

We rode back to the hotel with the top down in the evening breeze. It was a perfect night!




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5 06 2010

I agree with Scott on the poi-ugh!! Beautiful pictures from the helicopter! So glad that you got to go.

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